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    Lovettsville Elementary School Staff
          2016 - 2017
Email Disclaimer:
* Please allow school personnel ONE business day (24 hours) to respond to your phone calls or email.
 * Not all email warrants an electronic reply; responses may come through a telephone call or written correspondence.
*Please read this before you send an email to a Lovettsville staff member*
Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) has provided staff members with a professional email address to support their responsibilities as employees with LCPS. The following guidelines are provided to assist staff and community members to utilize email effectively in an educational setting.
Email IS to be used for:
Due Date questions
Field Trip questions
Request for a phone call
Thank you notes
Email IS NOT to be used for:
Discipline issues
Confidential student information (conferences should be used to discuss student issues)
Nothing of a "time-sensitive" nature (EX: Student needs to ride the bus home today; Student will not be in school today; Parent will be in for an "unscheduled" conference today; ETC.)
To send an email to a Lovettsville staff member just click on the name and compose your e-mail. If you need to get a timely message to your child or child's teacher, or speak to your child's teacher regarding a confidential or urgent matter, please call the office at 540-751-2470. Thank you.
Dennis Racke, Principal
Ashley BarkleyAsst. Principal
William Oblas, Substitute Asst. Principal 
Office Staff
Carolyn Moxley - Attendance
Lori Taylor - Bookkeeper
Karen McCall - Clinic Assistant
TBD, Parent Liaison  
Laura Robic, Teacher
Paula Foley, Assistant 
Debbie Fink, Assistant
TBD, Assistant 
First Grade 
Gloria Ahren
Second Grade
Ashley White
Third Grade
Fourth Grade 
Fifth Grade   
Resource Teachers 
Meagan Carey, Teacher
Susan Sears, Teacher
Deanne Jones, Teacher
Andrea Miller, Assistant
Kim Fairbanks, Assistant 
Breyhel Nocek, Assistant 
Caitlin Villa, Assistant 
Sherri Zoldos, Assistant 
Specialist Teachers 
Cheryl Suitor, Art Teacher
Sarah Stillman, Music Teacher
Hugh Brockway, PE Teacher
Holly Lambert, PE Teacher
Katherine Routzahn, Guidance Counselor
Allison Johnson, Guidance Counselor 
Elizabeth Potanko-Crush, Reading Specialist
Mary Pratt, Reading Specialist 
Dianne Baldwin, Reading Specialist 
Michelle Lafollette, SEARCH Teacher 
Tansy Wetmore, Librarian
Lucy Foit, Library Assistant
Lori Mullaney, Technology Resource Teacher
Susan Zimmerman, Technology Assistant
Rose Foster, Manager
Bonnie Fraley 
Deb Fink
Maria Carrerra-Hernandez
Elia Sanchez 
Aaron McDaniel, Head Custodian
Zinia Bustillo
Tammy Nick
Tiffany Estep