• Help us keep bullying from our school!

    Persistent, threatening behaviors directed at one or more students is considered bullying and your Little River Staff wants to help if it is occurring to your student or a student you know.  Asking the staff to help out is NOT tattling and can be the first step in solving the problem. 
    Each year all students, grades K-5, receive developmentally appropriated lessons on bullying from our school counseling.  Listed below are some of the highlights from those lessons.
    •        We have a STOP – WALK – TALK protocol in our school and across Loudoun County to confront bullying problems.  First tell the person to stop firmly, next walk away if necessary, and finally let a trusted adult know what is going on.
    •  No one deserves to be treated unfairly or unkindly!
    • Students who bully others are breaking the rules of school and of good citizenship.
    •   Alerting a staff member regarding a bullying incident involving themselves, a friend, or a stranger is not tattling.  We call it reporting and it is necessary to stop the problem.If a student is witnessing or participating in bullying behavior, they not only run the risk of disciplinary action but they also are damaging their reputation among their teachers and peers.
    •  To be considered a bullying behavior, an action must be hurtful, intentional, and repetitive. 
      Additional information may be found at the following online resource
    http://www.stopbullying.gov  - a site for students and parents
    If you feel that your child is the victim of bullying please contact our principal, Mr. Murphy.