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Dear Visitor,  
       The following web page has been designed to help you "see inside" the Horizon Music Room.  Our musical activities in Loudoun County center around four general areas:  singing, playing instruments, listening and moving.  Since the voice is everyone's own personal instrument, a major emphasis is placed on the development of every child's singing voice.  Students in grades 1-5 receive one 45-minute period of music per week.  Students in full-day Kindergarten receive one 30-minute period of music per week.  Our Loudoun County Music Curriculum is aligned with the National Standards of Art Education.                                                                                           

Horizon! Horizon!
We love you, Horizon!

We're comets soaring through the sky

Horizon! Horizon!

We love you, Horizon! 

It's a really cool place to be

and we learn a lot!

Composed by Christie Farrell, Class of 2002

Click here to hear our school song: .WAV  Quicktime

Last Modified on December 20, 2016