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    VA SOLS for First Grade


    An Overview


    We will be teaching your child to read based on the research that shows children acquire language (reading, writing, speaking and listening) best in an environment that is natural, supportive, and developmental. Children use several strategies when reading:

    Picture clues, context clues, and letter-sound relationships (phonics) when your child comes to an unknown word, we tell him or her to:

    1. get their mouth ready to say the word

    2. look at the picture

    3. think of something that would make sense


    Other reading strategies we will use:

    1. look for little words and take off the ending ( s, ed, ing, etc.)

    2. skip the tricky word and then come back and get ready for the beginning sound


    We will be guiding the children through the standards of learning ( SOLS) set by both the county and the state using a literature and a hands-on approach. We will work with phonics, shared reading, comprehension, strategy groups, and small guided reading groups.   We will also use other resources such as: trade books (regular library books), Rigby and Wright group reading series, Reading A-Z books, Scholastic and many other book series that are appropriate for each individual reader according to their personal readiness.

    Units of Study
    Units of study for the year will be divided into themes such as: Friends, Families, Fire Safety, Plants, Animals, Weather, Matter, and Motion. In each of the first grade newsletters we will provide you with the upcoming themes and objectives to be covered in all areas. The skills and concepts will be taught under these themes as much as possible. As the year continues the content subjects (science, social studies, and health) will be integrated on a much higher scale. As the year progresses, language skills will be incorporated through a variety of activities based on the different units of study.
    Math will encompass learning addition and subtraction facts to twelve and beyond, learning time to the hour and half-hour, identification of coins and counting change, completing patterns, measuring, graphing and discovering the wonderful world of math.
    Social Studies and Science
    Our social studies, science and health units will focus on the four seasons, plant and animal development, nutrition, safety, and geography. The geographic locations of study for first grade is Hawaii and an understanding of the five continents. We will discuss various holidays and famous Americans.
    Shared Reading
    During this time the children share a poem from our poetry book or a big book that is often related to our current theme. Childern grow towards focusing on the meaning of the text, first grade required reading/ language arts skills, and developing a deeper enjoyment of reading.
    Reading Workshop
    Students will learn strategies to help them in their reading during a mini-lesson, then have time to practice those strategies individually and with a partner. We as teachers meet with individual and small groups of children to work with them at their developmental level to reinforce and build their reading skills.
    Student Assessment
    Our report card will reflect your child’s progress on a quarterly basis. Because of the developmental nature of this report card we will go over it with each of you during our fall conference. During the course of the year we use several methods to assess student progress which include the following:

    1. Classwork: Your child will complete classwork to support skills in all areas.

     2. Language arts and content area checklists: These checklists show the various objectives set forth by the county and state. As your child demonstrates various skills the teacher will check them off and then transfer them to the report card.

    3. Pre-assessments and Post-assessments

    4. Anecdotal notes: Teacher observations of children completing activities

    We will have a Winter Holiday,Valentine's Day and End of Year party during the course of the school year. Room parents may be contacting you for assistance with these very exciting events. In addition to these special days we will also have periodic special events such as Apple Day, Pumpkin Day, Cranberry Day, and the 101st day of school celebration.

    We have a very busy year ahead of us and we are looking forward to working with your child. Please contact us if you have any questions and we will be glad to assist you.

    Thank you, The first grade team

Last Modified on August 27, 2021