• Royalty Free Music & Sound
    Need sounds or music for your classroom presentation, amateur video, or school stage production?
    BWHS Library has answers for you.
    We have Soundzabound and Fresh Music available to help you.  These CDs have sound effects and music for a variety of situations.  They are specially designed for this purpose.  These collections can be borrowed from the library.
    Also, remember, you can search for sounds in Clip ArtClick on Sounds in the pulldown menu next to the search box.
    What does royalty free mean and why does it matter? 
    Royalties are the payments given to use a particular work; it is how artists make their money.  So, if you do not pay to use someone's intellectual property, the artist (musician, photographer, poet, screenwriter, etc.) will not earn compensation for his/her work.  You will be stealing from the artist if you do no pay to use the work.  Royalty free means that you do not have to pay to use the work.  Usually, you will need to give credit to the artist for the work that you used.
    Link below for royalty free music.  Remember to give credit!
    Sound Clips (not music):
Last Modified on August 28, 2018