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    Elizabethan England                                                                                   April 2010




    REF 306 ENC             Encyclopedia of European Social History from 1350 to 2000      

    REF 390 GRE             Greenwood Encyclopedia of Daily Life (vol. 3, see England)

    REF 391 ENC             Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion 

    REF 502 CHR             Chronology of Science : From Stonehenge to the Genome Project

    REF 609 BRI              1,000 Inventions & Discoveries 

    REF 790 WIL              Sports and Games of Medieval Cultures   

    REF 809 LIT               Literature and Its Times

    REF 822.3 OXF         The Oxford Companion to Shakespeare

    REF 822.3 OLS          All Things Shakespeare : An Encyclopedia

    REF 822.3 SHA         Shakespeare's World and Work

    REF 909 GRE             Great Events From History. The Middle Ages, 477-1453

    REF 909 GRE             Great Events From History. The Renaissance & Early Modern Era, 1454-1600

    REF 909 MED            Medieval World

    REF 909 TEC             Technology in World History

    REF 920 GRE             Great Lives from History. The Middle Ages, 477-1453

    REF 920 GRE             Great Lives from History. The Renaissance & Early Modern Era, 1454-1600

    REF 942 MED            Medieval England

    REF 940.2 ENC         Encyclopedia of the Renaissance

    REF 940.2 REN         Renaissance

    REF 940.2 REN         Renaissance & Reformation

    REF 942.05 WAG      Historical Dictionary of the Elizabethan World



    280 BRO                    Catholicism & Orthodox Christianity

    282 RIE                      The Scope of Catholicism

    307.76 FOU                Fourteenth-Century Towns (This is before the Elizabethan period)

    355.7 STO                   Medieval Castles

    355.8 BUL                  An Historical Guide to Arms & Armor

    355.8 BYA                 Arms & Armor

    381 KAL                     A Medieval Merchant

    391 COS                     The Complete History of Costume & Fashion

    391 ROW                    Costume

    509.4 KRE                  Groundbreaking Scientific Experiments

    614.5 BYR                  Daily Life During the Black Plague    

    614.5 CEF                   The Plague

    614.5 DUN                 Life During the Black Death

    723 HIL                      Castles and Cathedrals

    792 BRO                     History of the Theatre

    792 CHR                     A Shakespearean Theater

    792 ELG                      Theater and Entertainment

    792 GRA                     History of Theatre

    792 MOR                    A Shakespearean Theater

    792 ELG                     Theater and Entertainment

    822.3 ELG                  Crime and Punishment

    822.3 ELG                  Health and Disease

    822.3 JAM                  Shakespeare's Heroines : Characteristics 

    822.3 PAP                   Shakespeare Alive!

    909 EVE                     Events that Changed the World Through the Sixteen Century

    909 FIF                       The 1500s

    909 SIX                      The 1600s

    910 KON                     Historical atlas of Exploration: 1492-1600           

    910.4 VOL                  Daily Life in the Age of Sail  

    914.04 MAC                Travel and trade in the Middle Ages

    942.05 ASH                Elizabethan England

    942.05 PRI                  Primary Sources

    942.05 SIN                 Daily Life in Elizabethan England

    942.06 ELG                Daily life

    942.105 BAR              Shakespeare's London



    B ELI                          Elizabeth I

    B ELI                          Queen Elizabeth I

    B SHA                        Bard of Avon : The Story of William      

    B SHA                        William Shakespeare

    920 DUN                    Elizabeth and Mary : Cousins, rivals



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