• Ms. Smallwood 
    Welcome to my classroom!  I use a diverse array of teaching strategies to ensure I am able to provide every student the ability to do his or her best. 
    As a teacher, I also count on parental support to ensure students have quality communication with their parents about learning and school in general.  Establishing this practice early on sets communication expectations for later in their education.
    The way questions are phrased will affect the answers you receive from students. Asking questions that are positive and open ended will build that home/school communication so it is routine later.
    Questions such as "How was school?"  will provide little opportunity for a meaningful response.  Questions such as: "What was the best thing that happened at school today?" then continuing to coax students into more description creates a habit of on going communication.  Once you know enough about your student's day, you can then ask deeper questions such as "Are you still researching for your PBL?"
    I greatly encourage talking about school content so you can join your child on their educational adventures, and support them along the way to guide them to success.