2019 - 2020


    Students DO NOT need to have vast chess knowledge to participate, however basic skills (such as knowing how the pieces move) are important in being able to play other students! If your child does not have a basic knowledge of chess, please consider signing your child up for Chess CLASS (ASAP after school offering once in fall and once in spring). Chess club is about enjoying the game. During club, participants are able to play a variety of players from their own & other grades. Club members are always encouraged to continue playing & learning between club meetings!

    Attn: Parents that play their kids!

    Please make a point of NOT just letting your child win! Play them somewhat aggressively, this is how WE ALL learn how to improve in our skills! When you use a strategy or move, try to explain it. Kids LOVE being able to bring that knowledge to club & use it as they play other students & Ms. Ryan.. :)

    Permission slips are available outside Ms. Ryan’s room, and online. Don't forget all students MUST have a separate signed permission form FOR EVERY CHESS CLUB MEETING!

    Chess Club Permission Slip - http://lcps.org/page/40421

    Please contact Ms. Ryan if you have any questions