Officers and Committee Chairs


    Board of Directors
    President:   Mark Loving WWABCPresident@gmail.com
    Vice President:   Joe Koester   WWABCVicePresident@gmail.com 
    Secretary: Angela Lambert wwabcsecretary@gmail.com
    Treasurer: Nancy McNeilly WWABCtreasurer@gmail.com
    Sergeant-at-Arms: Tom Potter wwabcsat@gmail
    Athletic Director: Rusty Lowery Theodore.Lowery@lcps.org
    Committee Chairs
    Membership Co-Chairs: Rhonda Powell WWABCmembership@gmail 
      Mark Powell  
    Concession Chair: Open  wwabcconcessions@gmail.com
    Public Relations Chair: John McNeilly wwabcpr@gmail.com
    Volunteer Chair: Open  wwabcvolunteers@gmail.com
    Spirit Wear Co-Chairs: Lucy Robst wwabcspiritwear@gmail
      Sharon Wozny  
    Sponsorship Chair: Joe Koester wwabcsponsorship@gmail.com
    Golf Tournament Chair: H.B. Kilgour wwabcgolf@gmail.com
    Web Mistress/ Communications Mgr: Maura Walsh-Copeland wwabcwebmanager@gmail.com

    The WWABC is looking for a new Concessions Chairperson effective immediately. Support your student athlete by becoming involved! The ONLY purpose of the WWABC is to directly support Woodgrove Athletics. Besides, it is a lot of fun!

    The duties of Concessions Chair include coordinating all phases of concessions activities including event staffing, material purchases, food preparation, and concessions funds reporting. If you love food and attending athletic events, this could be the job for you!

    When thinking about this position, keep in mind you DO NOT have to perform all of these duties alone. You will have committees, the WWABC officers, and parents helping you every step of the way. It truly is fun and you will be making a positive impact on Woodgrove athletics.
    Join us today by reaching out to WWABC President, Joe Koester at Joe.Koester@evergreensys.com .
Last Modified on July 8, 2014