• Staff Email

    Communication between home and school is vital to the education of your child. Each Loudoun County Public School staff member has been given an email account to use as one communication tool between staff members and parents.

    In order to utilize email as an effective communication tool, please consider the following guidelines and remember that our first priority is teaching.

    • Teachers check email daily; however, it may or may not be at the same time each day. Checking email on weekends and holidays is certainly not required. Therefore, the content of email should not be of a time-sensitive nature.
    • Email may be used for assignment due date questions, field trip questions, or requests for phone calls.
    • E-mail should not be used in place of the student agenda. It is our goal to promote responsibility within our students. Therefore e-mail should not be used to check daily assignments.
    • Email should not be used for private conferences or discussions about your child’s progress. It can be used to schedule these types of conferences.
    • Email should not be used for emergency situations or timely information.
    • Please allow one business day (24 hours) for staff to respond to your emails or phone calls.


    Clark, Kathryn
    principal email
    Ivory-Brown, Shena assistant principal email
    Chi, Edwardassistant principal
    Joung, Faye bookkeeper email
    Miller, Carol school nurse email
    Officer Rafi school resource officer
    Howard, Nancy main office secretary email
    McCulloch, Audrey
    main office secretary
    House A
    Karyn O'Neill 8th grade dean    email
    Sarah O'Brien
    8th grade counselor email
    Christina La'Mon 8th grade secretary email
    House B
    Doug Bauer 7th grade dean email
    Jennifer Alberth 7th grade counselor  email
    Audrey McCulloch 7th grade secretary email
    House C
    Jaclyn Royster 6th grade dean
    Ann Barrett 6th grade counselor email
    Sheila Cook 6th grade secretary email
    Adjei, Ibrahiminstructional specialistemail
    Alberth, Jennifer 7th grade guidance email
    Ambers, Carol teacher assistant email
    Assur, Andrew Health and PE teacher email
    Barrett, Ann6th grade guidanceemail
    Barnett, Elizabeth teacher assistant email
    Bland, Lyndria   
    Science 7
    Boward, Hannah
    instructional specialist
    Brewer, Felicia teacher assistant email
    Bubb, Katie Spanish email
    Butka, Rose ELL email
    Campbell, Kelly  Language Arts 7 email
    Carey, Roger Social Studies 6 email
    Carlson, Susan  
    teacher assistant
    Christensen, Pam Language Arts 6 email
    Colangelo, Kimberly
    instructional specialist
    Cook, Sheila 6th grade secretary email
    Cottone, Bonnie 7th grade secretary email
    Creason, Casey
    instructional specialist
    Crissman, Melissa Coding Teacher email
    Dailey, Justin
    instructional specialist
    Daughtry, Traci
    instructional specialist
    DeWees, Sarah Science 8 email
    Duma, Cherie French email
    Duquette, Tabitha Science 7 email
    Estep, Faith
    teacher assistant
    Frye, Matt
    Gallo, Laurie Health and PE email
    Gammache, Lori Math email
    Gillem, Dorothy reading email
    Goolsby, Maria
    teacher assistant
    Hall, Erin  Math  email 
    Hanson, Erica Science 8 
    Harrison, Douglas Math 6 email
    Hawks, Harold Science 6 email
    Hein, Matthew
    Science 6 email
    Hockman, Jeff PE email
    Hughes, Megan Teen Living and FACS email
    Jackson, Heather Spectrum
    Jensen, Peggy Spectrum email
    Kaylor, William Tech Ed email
    Keith, Peter Civics 8 email
    Khan, Shazia teacher assistant email
    Khot, Anju Language Arts 6 email
    Kunk, Aaron
    La'Mon, Christina8th grade secretaryemail 
    Lawrence, Robyn  Band Director email
    Laxson, Leana
    Lipovsky, Liz Language Arts 6 email
    Luebke, Annabelle
    Choir Director
    Maeshiro, Eric Strings email
    Magnuson, Jeff Science 6 email
    McCulloch, Audreymain office secretary email
    McNeil, Lynn teacher assistant email
    Michaelian, Jeanine instructional specialist email
    Miller, Carol nurse email
    Miller, Jeff Health and PE email
    Nicewarner, Cara Instructional specialist email
    O'Connor, Abby FACS email
    O'Leary, Alison    Social Studies 7 email
    O'Neill, Karyn 8th grade dean email
    Oster, Keri resource email
    Parveen, Nargis    teacher assistant email
    Perez, Marisol
    teacher assistant
    Porter, Natalie
    Robinson, Hannah    instructional specialist email
    Rodriguez, Elena    Civics 8 email
    Royster, Jaclyn 6th grade dean email
    Rust, Barbara Keyboarding email
    Ryan, Alison resource email
    Santos, Melanie Health and PE email
    Schlaf, Andrew
    instructional specialist
    Sheaffer, Marion
    Language Arts 8
    Sherrell, Sarah
    Latin email
    Shircliff, David Tech Ed email
    Sledd, Alika
    instructional specialist
    Smith, Quintina English 6 email
    St. Clair, Christina Librarianemail
    Stevens, Tyler
    instructional specialist  email
    Struder, Kelsey Art email
    Vorndran, Paula technology assistant email
    Walker, Jermaine Health and PE email
    Walker, Wendi IF,T email
    Wardlow, Geri
    Parent Liaison
    Welty, Erin Art email
    Williams, Rebecca Language Arts 6 email
    Withrow, Sonja
    Social Studies 6
    Wurst, Richard Math email
    Zahora, Renee Social Studies 7 email


Last Modified on July 12, 2017