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We're stiving to make technical documentation easier to find and quicker to access. The key to making this useful is an index based on common words and phrases. We've tried to use words and phrases frequently associated with these topics and categorys. Let us know of any other common terms used to refer to these subjects, and we'll gladly add them to our main index.
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-SBHS Technology Dep't.

Access – database software included in Microsoft Office
ActivInspire - see Promethean
Audacity – Sound Recording Software
Blackboard – Virtual Online Classroom
CMS (Content Management System) - Web page software

Common Computer Problems
Curriculum Guides - Art
Curriculum Guides - English
Curriculum Guides - Foreign Language (Secondary)
French (Level 1 - 2 - AP)
German (Level 1 - 5 - AP)
Latin (Level 1 - 5 - AP)
Spanish (Level 1 - 2)
Spanish (Level 3 - 5 - AP)
Curriculum Guides - Health (Secondary)
Health (Gr 9 - 10)
Curriculum Guides - Math (Secondary)
Advanced Algebra, Trig
Algebra 1
Algebra 2
Algebra 2, Trig
Math Analysis
AP Calculus
AP Statistics
Computer Math
Grade 9 Math
09-10 Personal Living Math
Curriculum Guides - Music (Secondary)
Choral (MS)
Music 9 - 12 (syllabi)
Curriculum Guides - Science (Secondary)
Earth Science
Environmental Explorations
Independent Science Research
Curriculum Guides - Social Science (Secondary)
US History
US Government
World History (Pt 1)
World HIstory (Pt 2)
Curriculum Guides - Futura
End of Year Checkout
Excel 2007 (Microsoft spreadsheet software)
Merging Cells or Columns in Excel (without loosing data)

Foreign Language Office Tools (Word Office-Foreign Language Add-ins)

My Learning Plan
New Teacher Training
Microsoft Office Compatability pack
Powerpoint (Microsoft Office 2007)
President Obama's Speech to Students
Saving your promethean profile to your H:\ drive folder
See Promethean folder on I:\ drive for additional training modules
Read Write Gold
Substitute Computer & Lesson Plan Access
Saving Files
Scanning Documents
Professional Development
Test Generators (Word Office 2007 Test Generator Add-In)
Trouble Tickets
Word (Office 2007)