Naviance Student is a comprehensive mobile-friendly website that is used in career and college plans. Naviance Student is linked with Naviance™, a service we use in our school counseling office to track and analyze data about career and college planning, and it provides up-to-date information that is specific to our school.

    Naviance Student allows us to share information with students about upcoming college visits and other resources for college and career planning. For more information about Naviance student, or if you are a parent and do not have access, please contact your child's school counselor.

  • Naviance Access

    Access & Log In: 

    Please reach out to your student's school counselor if you do not have access. 

    Main Navigation: There are four primary areas of navigation; Colleges, Careers, About Me and My Planner. 

  • Tools in Naviance


    About Me Home

    • My Account: Update student email and other contact information, view GPA and take surveys

    My Assessments

    • Strength Explorer: Student can take only once and should if they have not as a Junior. It identifies student’s strengths and gives them a starting point for possible careers.
    • Career interest profile: Gives student the opportunity to explore what they like to do (take pictures, work on a production line, work on cars, write scripts for TV, or bake). It then recommends careers you might be best suited and what is involved with that career path.

    My Stuff

    • Resume: Not required but highly recommended. The resume is very helpful for teachers and counselors when it’s time for them to write letters of recommendation. Resume Builder Reference Guide
    • Test scores: Standardized test scores can be found here. NOTE: these test scores are uploaded by the LCPS administration and it often takes several months from the time the test was taken to appear.
    • StrengthsExplorer® is a strengths assessment that assesses 10 talent themes for individuals and identifies each student’s three strongest emerging talents. Upon completion of StrengthsExplorer, students will be provided with explanations of their top three themes and will learn how to capitalize on their success and discover what they need to do next to continue building on their strengths.

    The Career Planning features allow students to:

    • Search for careers by job title, keyword, and category. 
    • Read about skills, requirements, and wages for nearly 1,000 careers. 
    • Check up-to-date wage data at the national, state, and city levels. 
    • Watch videos for popular careers (many of which are also available in Spanish). 
    • Identify colleges offering related majors

    The Career Cluster Finder is an online questionnaire that helps students discover career clusters that are most interesting to them. Once a student completes the Career Cluster Finder, top matching career clusters are made available for review and favoriting. Adding a cluster as a favorite, adds it to the student's Careers I'm Thinking About (Favorite Careers and Clusters) list. Students can re-take the cluster finder at any time. This assessment is recommended for middle school and high school students.

    • Roadtrip Nation: Great exploration via thousands of short videos organized by areas of interests. Videos are based on interviewing hundreds of leaders across the country gathered through road trips.

    Explorer: Multiple ways to search by careers or career clusters and then add them to your “Careers I am Thinking About” page

    The Career Interest Profiler is an online career interest assessment for students based on Holland's interest codes. When students complete the Career Interest Profiler, their results will display their top Holland Code matches. This assessment is recommended for high school students.

    Facts about the Career Interest Profiler

    • There are 30 questions for each Holland code (Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional) for a total of 180 questions.
    • The highest score possible in each area that you can receive is 30.
    • The score received is based on the number of activities in each specific area that the student selected as an interest.

    The College Planning tools in Naviance bring the common tasks involved with college planning into one system. College research, college applications, scholarships, and enrichment programs can all be managed from one program, for staff and students respectively, to improve integration and reduce paperwork. Below are sections to help you prepare for best utilizing college planning in Naviance. 

    The College Search Reference Guide 

    The College Application Process Reference Guide


    • SuperMatch: By answering a few questions, a list of colleges matching your criteria will then be generated. You can then “favorite” the ones of interest and they will move to your Colleges I am Thinking About
    • College Match: See and quickly favorite the other schools that students are applying to when they have also applied to a school from your favorites list.  Additionally, check out other colleges that have accepted students with stats like your own.
    • College Events: Browse for and sign up for college events
    • Scattergrams: A scattergram is a graph used to help you analyze how you fit in with other students from your high school who have been accepted, waitlisted, or denied admittance to a school based on GPA and test scores.
    • Advanced College Search: Using multiple categories, answer questions to identify colleges that match your interests.

    College Lookup: Lookup and favorite school(s) by multiple filters including name, country, state, or college group. Easily favorite using the heart symbol next to the college.


    • When colleges visit our high school, they are coming to meet with you! To sign up for a college visit:
    • Log in to Naviance Student.
    • Navigate to Colleges > Research Colleges > College Visits or go to Colleges Home and find the College Visits card.
    • Click Sign Up to sign up.
    • Click the Sign Me Up
    • Print the confirmation as your pass to show your teacher to get out of class.


    • When colleges visit our high school, they are coming to meet with you! To sign up for a college visit:
    • Log in to Naviance Student.
    • Navigate to Colleges > Research Colleges > College Visits or go to Colleges Home and find the College Visits card.
    • Click Sign Up to sign up.
    • Click the Sign Me Up


    • Colleges I Am Applying To: This is a list of schools to which you have decided to apply. Colleges can be added to the Colleges I’m Applying To list in two different ways: From the Colleges I’m Applying To list OR from the Colleges I’m Thinking About
      • Letters of Recommendation: Request new and keep track of letter of recommendation request (see video below).

    Test Scores: View and add key test scores. Scores are uploaded from Phoenix.


    Find and Track Scholarships Reference Guide

    • Scholarships I'm Applying To: Use the Scholarships I’m Applying To as a way to keep a list of scholarships you have applied to along with the award value.  You can use the scholarship list and matches to save items here or enter the scholarships manually. This will make filling out your end of the year senior survey SUPER easy!
    • Scholarship List: A list of potentially relevant scholarships that you can review and add to your applications list.
    • Scholarship Match: This list shows scholarships that may be a suitable match for you based on the requirements such as gender, ethnicity, GPA, etc. If your school did not did not enter any qualifications for a scholarship, the matching criteria will be labeled as No Restrictions Found.
    • National Scholarship Search: An external site hosted by Sallie Mae that provides a list of potential scholarship matches based on your personal criteria from Naviance Student.  If you want to change information that is driving your matches, use the Edit Profile tab to make any updates. You can use this site to create a set of Favorites (separate from those in Naviance Student).