• PriROARities is a period of time that takes place at the end of each B day when all students and teachers are scheduled to be available at the same time. This is a great resource for students who may need to make up work, see a teacher for help, work on a major assignment, complete enrichment work, etc. This is not a time for direct instruction.
    Beginning on the first B day of the school year, the class to which students report for PriROARities will rotate in this order: Block 1, Block 5, Block 2, Block 6, Block 3, Advisory/Block 7, Block 4. After students have met in their Block 4 location, the rotation will begin again. Note, PriROARities periods are fixed, meaning missed school days due to snow or other circumstances do not impact the schedule. Please reference the calendar in the student agenda for the assigned PriROARities periods.
    Beginning September 16, 2016, students may begin to FLEX in and out of their assigned PriROARities classes to receive extra help, see teachers, complete missing work, etc. A pass must be obtained in advance of the PriROARities period in order for the student to be released. FLEXing does not begin until the conclusion of the 20 minute Sustained Silent Something (SSS) period. The only exception to this rule is for students who have a prearranged pass to report to the retake room for the entire duration of the class period.
    Note: There are times during the school year when PriROARities will become an instructional period. Every effort will be made to give advance notice when changes are made to the schedule. Please reference the calendar in the student agenda for pre-planned PriROARities instructional days. 
Last Modified on March 30, 2017