Please click HERE to view the end-of-year SOL Testing Overview Schedule. The detailed schedule is being developed at this time. All students will receive a copy of their detailed personal testing schedule (with starting times & locations) in their LCPS STUDENT EMAIL on FRIDAY, APRIL 26

    Please click HERE for directions on how to prepare your school Chromebook or Academy ThinkPad for SOL testing.


    No additional AP tests can be ordered as of March 15. This is the national registration deadline set by College Board. There is a $40 unused test fee for each test that is canceled or not taken in May. Please click HERE to view the AP testing calendar (Page 3). For students taking an AP DIGITAL test, please click HERE for instructions on how to prepare.


    All students are required to pass Standards of Learning (SOL) tests in order to obtain verified credits for graduation. A verified credit (VC) is earned when the student passes both the SOL course and test. There are eleven SOL tests that students could take in grades 9-12.

    English:     Reading, Writing (both taken as part of the English 11 or AP English Language course)
    Math:          Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2
    Science:    Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry
    History:     World Geography, World History 1, World History 2, United States History

    A student is expected to take a SOL test if that test is needed to satisfy a Virginia graduation and/or Federal Accountability requirement.

    All students need five verified credits (VC) to graduate in Virginia:
    Reading, Writing, 1 Math VC, 1 Science VC & 1 History VC
    There is no difference in SOL testing requirements for the Standard and Advanced Diplomas.

    In addition to Virginia graduation requirements, United States Department of Education requires that we test students in Reading, Biology, and one Math (Algebra 1, Geometry, or Algebra 2) in a high school building for Federal Accountability. Simply put, 
    Federal Accountability fulfills the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The test results are used to monitor student progress and provide helpful instructional feedback to teachers.

    Students are expected to participate in SOL tests for Federal Accountability regardless of whether a subject graduation requirement has already been satisfied. 
    A few examples of Federal Accountability:

    (1) A student passes the SOL Algebra 1 course and test in 8th grade. Although the student has already obtained their one Math verified credit required for graduation, the student is expected to take the SOL Geometry test as a 9th grader for Federal Accountability.

    (2) A student passes the SOL Algebra 1 course and test as a 9th grader in a high school building. The student does *NOT* need to take the SOL Geometry and Algebra 2 tests in the future. Both their one Math verified credit required for graduation and Federal Accountability have been satisfied.

    (3) A student passes the SOL Earth Science course and test in 9th grade. Although the student has already obtained their one Science verified credit required for graduation, the student is expected to take the SOL Biology test as a 10th grader for Federal Accountability.


    Mr. Vogl is in his 8th year at Potomac Falls. He previously served for seven years as a high school assessment coach in Fairfax County. He has unique experience in developing national math and science tests, and has taught both Algebra 1 and Earth Science. Mr. Vogl was also a TV meteorologist. Please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Vogl at Matthew.Vogl@lcps.org if you have any questions or concerns.



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