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    MackinVia: eBooks and Audiobooks (grades PreK-5)

    MackinVia is a program that makes it easy to access your school's eBooks and audiobooks. You can use MackinVia on any device that has Internet access. For online and offline access, there is a free MackinVia app available for download.

    You can access MackinVia through LCPS Go. Sign in just like you do on computers at school (student ID number and strong password). Click on Library Resources and then on MackinVia. Click on the LCPS GO logo above to start.

    MackinVia is easy to use but there are also help videos. These can be accessed here.

    There are more than 2,000 titles in Horizons's MackinVia. That's a lot, but not nearly as many titles as we have in the library at Horizon, so PLEASE be good sharers.

    Check out no more than 3 titles at a time

    Return titles as soon as you are finished with them

    You can search or browse MackinVia; click on the "Categories" button in MackinVia to browse by genre or category.

    EBooks in MAckinVia are identified with a picture of an open book on the cover and audiobooks have headphones on the cover. Some eBooks in MackinVia are read alouds, but the only way to identify them is to open the book; if there is a play key, it's a read aloud.


    Tumble Book

    Tumble Book is geared for grades PreK-3, but there are some chapter books for older readers as well.
    Tumble Book is accessed through LCPS GO. Click on the LCPS GO logo at the top of the page, Library Resources, and then Tumble Book.


    Tumble Book Junior is for grades 1-5 (no picture books in this resource). This resources is also accessed via LCPS GO.


    Non-LCPS resources for eBooks, Audiobooks


    Available from the public library. You need a library card to use this resource. If you don't have one, now is a great time to get one. Click on the Overdrive logo at the left to see what the public library has to offer.



    Video Books


    Below are links to videos of read alouds.

    Picture Books:

    Storytime with Ryan and Craig (these guys are funny)


    YouTube Channel 


    Storytime from Space (astronauts read space themed books FROM SPACE; most are picture books but there are a few chapter books as well).



    Storyline Online (famous people read storybooks AND they do a really good job!)




    Chapter Books:

    Storytime with Miss Jeannie: Youtube channel, includes chapter books by Roald Dahl, Louis Sacher, and Andrew Clements (among others)

    Lights Down Reading : Youtube channel, includes chapter book series such as My Weird School Daze, Magic Tree House, Junie B. Jones (among others)


    If you have any questions, please email your librarian Jennifer Christiansen at  jchrist2@lcps.org