PFHS Mission Statement
    • Chapman Hom who grew up in San Francisco, California was hired as a new ASL teacher for this year 2019-2020. He graduated from Gallaudet University in Washington, DC with a B.A. degree. He had experience teaching high school computer AP courses at Maryland School for the Deaf in Frederick, Maryland and was a softball and volleyball high school assistant coach with his daughters. He has a deaf artist wife, Ellen who grew up in New York City and has a B.F.A. degree from School of Visual Arts in New York City, and Ellen created De’Via (Deaf View Image Arts) to express her arts to stop Oralism. They have two deaf grown daughters, Michelle and Heather now living in Colorado, who went to Gallaudet University. Michelle was an elementary teacher at Rock Mountain Deaf charter school. Heather is a local coffee barista but she hates coffee. They were ski instructors at Whitetail and Liberty ski resorts in Pennsylvania for over 5 years. The family are avid skiers and snowboarders. In all summers, they go to the beach, walking on sand, reading books and swimming in the ocean. They have a playful shin tzu/poodle dog and a mean Bombay cat. They love hiking, downhill biking and river kayaking. In his spare time, Chapman is rebuilding jet ski engines for getting ready jumping waves in the ocean. Go Panthers!

    • A Day                     B Day                Room   

      Block 1 Planning   Block 5 Planning    101

      Block 2 ASL 3       Block 6 ASL 2        109

      Block 3 ASL 2       Block 7 ASL 4        109

      Block 4 ASL 1       Block 8 ASL 1        109

    • Grade Book and Report Card can be found in Phoenix.

    • Tutoring hours (Monday-Friday, 8:15am to 8:45am, Room 109)
    • Lesson plans and video assignments can be found in Google Classroom.

    • Standards of Learning

    • Syntax

    • Course expectations






Last Modified on April 30, 2020