• Yearbook Classes (Photojournalism I, II, and III) are offered as full credit courses through the English Dept.  Our publishing company is Balfour and our publishing representative is Mrs. Kara Petersen. Yearbook Adviser for the 2018-2019 school year is Shawn Simms. The yearbook staff oversees all necessary obligations of the publication including photography, copy writing, ad sales, all deadlines and communication with our publishing company.  The yearbook operates on an approximately $80,000 budget - all of which is raised by the staff through ad sales, fund-raising and book sales. 
    In order to be a part of the yearbook staff, students are asked to complete the journalism pre-requisite or to go through the application process with the Yearbook sponsor.  
    To contact the Yearbook Adviser, Ms. Simms, please e-mail her at: Shawn.Simms@lcps.org
Last Modified on September 19, 2018