• Mrs. Lewis has the great honor to begin this school year as 7th grade Dean at Sterling Middle School.  This is her tenth year in Loudoun County.

    Prior to becoming a Dean, she worked as the EL (English Learner) Staff Development Trainer for Loudoun County Public Schools, in which she oversaw professional learning for educators across the county as well as curriculum development and implementation for grades KG to 12.  She is also a former EL teacher at Sterling Middle School. She taught students belonging to grades 6th through 8th across all proficiency levels of language acquisition.  In her years working in Loudoun County Public Schools, she has served in various leadership roles that include curriculum development, EL Lead Teacher for the district, and EL Teacher Mentor. Similarly, she has presented at various professional conferences focusing on the instruction of language learners at the secondary level at the state and federal level.

    Mrs. Lewis has a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and a Master's Degree in English as a Second Language Education from Marymount University. Mrs. Lewis obtained her Educational Administration and Leadership Degree from The George Washington University. 

    A little bit about Mrs. Lewis:

    Mrs. Lewis moved to the United States from Lima, Perú when she was fourteen years-old.  When she first arrived,  she did not speak the English language and had to work hard to not only learn a new language, but also graduate high school with higher level classes. Trying her best and working hard has always been present in her former instruction and current work. Mrs. Lewis believes that all of our dreams are attainable when we set two ingredients, purpose (our Why) and hard work.