• FHS Parking 2019-20 – Available 9:00 am on August 5th 


    Online Parking Registration - Click Here


    Parking facilities are provided at FHS as a convenience to students in Grades 11-12 who drive to school. Parking on school grounds is a privilege that is granted by the administration. The following conditions will be met if the student wishes to benefit from this privilege:
    • Student must have a valid driver’s license. Student will be allowed to register two vehicles.
    • Student must purchase a parking permit at a cost of $200.00 per year. Semester payments are an option. $100 due the first day of each semester. Permits are not prorated. Please purchase through the Online Payment System, there will be a link upon submission or you can access it on the FHS main page. The first 90 seniors will be assigned, in order of receipt, a numbered parking space.


    Parking Permit Meeting: August 15, 2019 or August 28, 2019 

    Student and a parent or guardian MUST attend a mandatory Safety Meeting prior to being issued a parking permit. Plan on attending a meeting if you will be purchasing a parking permit anytime during the 2019-2020 school year. *Permits will be issued at school. Please be sure to sign the attendance roster after the meeting. The Safety Meeting only needs to be attended once in the student’s 4 years at Freedom.**Students purchasing a pass after September 5 and who have not attended a safety meeting must schedule a meeting with Safety and Security and their parent.


    Terms and Conditions:

    • Student will display the permit hanging from the rearview mirror facing out whenever on school property

    • Parking spaces in the far left row are reserved for bus drivers and staff. (far left row when looking at the front of the building)

    • Once on school grounds, students will not be allowed to leave until school is dismissed or permission for an early release has been obtained from the school attendance office

    • Traffic laws, school regulations, and normal safety procedures must be observed at all times. Maximum speed limit is 15 mph.

    • Student will keep vehicle locked while parked on school grounds.

    • 18-year-old students must have parent permission unless otherwise approved by the administration.

    • Parking permits will be sold based on good academic standing and attendance. Parking permits may be revoked without reimbursement for violations of school rules.



    Violation Consequences:

    • Vehicles that are improperly parked, blocking fire or driving lanes, or constitute a safety hazard, may be tagged, ticketed, booted, or towed at the expense of the owner – this includes those without a properly displayed parking permit. A $5 per day fine will be assessed for cars parked on school grounds without a permit.

    • The use of another student’s parking permit is prohibited and will result in disciplinary consequences. Passes are not to be shared amongst students. Students who share, loan or allow others to possess their parking pass will lose parking privileges.

    • Violations of any of these guidelines may result in revocation of parking privilege and/or other disciplinary action. All rules and expectations apply when on school property.

    • Lost permits must be replaced at a student cost of $5.00 if the student wishes to continue to drive to school. (Security Specialist must approve replacement.)