Welcome to the JLSMS  School Counselors' Homepage!!


         The middle school counseling program at Simpson Middle incorporates students in sixth grade through eighth grade.  Each counselor starts with their students in the sixth grade year and fosters the relationship by following the designated students as they journey to eighth grade.  This affords counselors the opportunity to work closely with families, students, and staff while promoting student development. We envision our department will further nurture a community of independent thinkers, productive community members, lifelong learners, and individuals with a desire to serve others.  We support our vision by providing services to all students in the areas of goal setting, peer relations, and academic achievement.  This is supported through group, individual, and classroom guidance.  Data is used to determine support services.  Our curriculum is aligned with Loudoun County Public School Student Services. 

          The J. Lupton Simpson Middle School Counseling Department believes with proper support every student has the capacity to learn and achieve their goals in the areas of academic, career planning and personal/social development. The counseling program is aligned with the ASCA National Standards creating equitable opportunities to support individual achievement, and provides an equitable environment to all students. By collaborating with students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community members we are creating a well-rounded educational environment for the development of our students with accessibility to all. We envision our students becoming productive members of our global society. The school counseling program at Simpson Middle School strongly aligns with the Loudoun County Public School vision. 

         We will periodically visits the resource classes to discuss topics, such as bullying, cyber bullying,  and career exploration. The subject matter varies depending on the grade level. For grade specific information visit the counselor's website. You can access it by clicking the counselor's name in the column to the left.  Our school Counselor's also provide students with individual and small group counseling, in the areas of academic and personal/social development. If you need to set up a conference with your child's teachers, please contact your child's counselor to schedule it.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or email.   As a counseling department we firmly believe students have what it takes to be successful friends, leaders, students, stewards, and global citizens. The counseling office provides several services, academic support, social & emotional support, career exploration, to support the growth of healthy citizens.    
    Below you will find  a list of services and resources we provide:
    • Career Exploration: Students explore their own interest, strength, values & the relationship to the world of work on Family Connections.
    • Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology: Eighth Grade School Counselor communicate the application and deadline process for 8th graders interested in the magnet school in Alexandria, Virginia. Parents have to provide transportation to and from TJ.
    • Academy of Science:  Eighth grade school counselor helps to coordinate the application process for the STEM focused high school program housed at Academies of Loudoun (AOL).
    • Academy of Engineering and Technology: Eighth grade school counselor helps to coordinate the application process for the Engineering focused high school program housed at AOL.
    • Student Referral and Assessment Program: Interested students, with parental permission, may seek guidance from a representative of Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Developmental Services.
    • Substance Abuse Referrals: Students with potential alcohol/drug abuse may be referred for educational service.
    • Violence Prevention: Students in each grade receive instruction on recognizing and preventing aggressive/harassing behaviors.
    • Alternative Education Program: This program is housed at Douglass Community School and serves students who struggle with the traditional classroom setting. Middle school students now have their own separate program devoted to their needs.
    • Monroe Advance Technical Academy: Available to students in high school who desire to learn a skilled trade. One and two year programs leading to certification are taught located at AOL.
    • Presidential Award for Educational Excellence: Students who maintain an overall "A" average in grades 6-8.