Degrees and Certifications:

Music (Guitar), BA German Studies, BA Foreign Language Education, MT

Mr. Kunk

Welcome to Mr. Kunk's Webpage.
Mr. Kunk is exited to return to Stone Hill for another year of guitar. He will be at Rock Ridge for the high school guitar classes at some times. Please check Mr. Kunk's schedule and/or reach out if you need to meet with him.   
Mr. Kunk is a member of the VMEA Guitar Council and sits on the board of directors of the Aquado Guitar Concert Series. In the past, Mr. Kunk taught German in Loudoun and Fairfax Counties. Through a Fulbright grant, he also taught English at a German secondary school in Papenburg, Germany. He earned a bachelor's degrees in both Music and German and then later a master's degree in Education at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.
He is eager to work with students and parents this year and to share his passion and enthusiasm for guitar music.
Homework, notes, calendar and other resources can be found in the Google Classroom
Contact me at:
Follos us @shms_guitar
1A - Planning
2A - Guitar 7
3A - Guitar 7
4A - Planning
5/6 - Guitar 7
7/8 - Guitar 8

1/2 - Rock Ridge
3/4 - Rock Ridge
5/6 - Rock Ridge
7/8 - Rock Ridge
"Relax. Be yourself. Play a lot."  - advice from guitarist Joe Satriani