SUMMER WORK for 2019-2020
     All summer work is due the first day of class.    In college, there is no late work accepted.  Get used to that. 
    This class will require your time and attention both in the classroom and outside of class time.
    As with any class, attendance is paramount.
    There is quite a bit of lab work and there are no make up labs. If absent it is your responsibility to thoroughly read and understand the lab, gather data from a classmate,  such that you can complete the lab assessment which is the next class after the lab.
    All grades are summative.  
    See syllabus for what will be accomplished each class and for details about exams. 
    As this is a college class, when schools are closed, learning continues- students will need to do work at home to keep up the pace of the class required to cover the entire curriculum.

    You will need to refer to the syllabus often. PRINT IT OUT.  Syllabus DE BIO Fall 2019

    You may need a copy of the syllabi (fall and spring) to give to colleges to transfer your credit- so...

    also download and keep a copy on your computer.

    DE Students should verify that they are in fact enrolled in NOVA the FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL such that any errors or oversight cSavean be remedied.  After the first week of school, you will no longer be able to enroll in NOVA nor earn college credit.
    NOVA (DE) students need to verify, by the end of August, that they can access CANVAS via the NOVA website.  
    Students enrolled in DE BIO at NOVA can earn high school credit AND 8 college credits.  These credits are transferable to all Virginia Public Universities for this class.  These credits may transfer as General Education credits or count toward a particular major.  It is up to each college/university to determine how they will implement the credits.
    Students enrolled will be prepared to take the AP Exam in May should they choose to do so and, depending on their score and the college they decide to attend, may earn some college credit.
     A safety contract is reviewed and signed by parent and student the first week of school.  It is returned for my records.  Here is a copy of those RULES for review.  It is essential that all students abide by the rules so that the lab/classroom is a safe place for all.

    NOVA Student Orientation   Watch this powerpoint!

    Read this letter- it has important information about DE courses that you need to know. 
    Do you need a college transcript? ....     follow instructions here....Get a NOVA transcript
    AP/DE students also have access to NOVA CANVAS, but we will be posting grades on Phoenix. Other needed documents will be posted in the AP/DE Google Classroom (materials)
Last Modified on August 20, 2019