Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Sana Touijar

Bonjour chers élèves et parents,

My name is Madame Touijar. I will be teaching French to your kiddos. I am certified in French (K-12) and I also have a Master's Degree (Integration Curriculum in Special Education). I am a proud mom of three children: two daughters (Mounia, 21 years old, and Lilia, 16 years old) and a boy (Sabri, 19 years old). My husband is a high school Physics teacher in Fairfax County. We love to hike and travel as a family and I try to take every opportunity to spend quality time with them. I also love to cook and dance.

I was born and raised in Belgium, the tiny country next to France. I am proud to say that I am starting my 24th year of teaching. I started my career in Belgium as a French and Ethics teacher. In 2003, I came to the US and taught in Louisiana for 13 years. And since 2016, I've been working at Trailside. 

Although I have been teaching for a long time, I am still learning from my students. Teaching and interacting with middle school students is challenging. Middle schoolers are exigent, and they will let us know if we don’t meet their expectations. They don’t hesitate to question us and sometimes defy us. We need to explain clearly what the expectations are to gain their respect and commitment while meeting their individual needs and expectations. Thanks to them, I grow every day.

I will do what I can to support, reassure, and guide your kiddos in their academic and emotional needs. I am expecting an amazing year.

I am honored and happy to start this new year with your kiddos. Parents and guardians, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me via email. I will do my best to respond within 24 hours.