Eligibility Services

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  • Eligibility Services coordinates the implementation of special education in all schools related to child study, referral, evaluation, eligibility, and reevaluation to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.


    As a resource, parents may access the Parent's Guide to Special Education developed by the Virginia Department of Education.  This guide helps parents understand their rights and responsibilities, their child's rights, and the school's responsibilities to meet the special needs of your child and includes a description of the special education process and what is required during each step of the process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who may refer a child for special education services?

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    Anyone including parents, teachers, and administrators  may refer a child suspected of having a disability to the school's Child Study Team. After the Multi-Purpose Referral is received by the special education contact at the school, a Child Study Team meeting will be scheduled and held within 10 business days.  The team will review records and other performance evidence of the child in order to make recommendations to meet the child's educational and behavioral needs and determine whether to refer the child for an evaluation for special education and related services. 

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  • What happens during the evaluation process prior to the eligibility meeting?

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    Evaluations are conducted by qualified professionals in all areas requested by the Child Study Team.  Following completion of the psychological and educational assessments and prior to the eligibility meeting, parents are invited to a conference to discuss the assessment results.  All written evaluation reports will be made available at your child's school no later than two business days before the eligibility meeting.  Evaluation reports for preschool aged children referred by the Child Find Center are available at the Administration Building (21000 Education Court, Ashburn, VA 20148).  Approximately three weeks before the eligibility meeting, you will receive an official meeting notice stating the date, time, and location of the meeting.


    The evaluation process for determing eligibility for special education and related services must be completed within 65 business days from the date the referral was made by the Child Study Team.

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  • What if my child has a medical diagnosis of a condition?

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    The existence of a medical condition alone does not automatically qualify a child for special education and related services.  The team must also determine whether or not the medical condition results in an adverse impact on child's educational performance and requires specially designed instruction.

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  • What will happen in the eligibility meeting?

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    Eligibility meetings are generally 45 to 60 minutes in length and follow this process:   
    • Meeting participants are introduced and the eligibility process is explained
    • The referral concerns are reviewed
    • Each evaluation requested is summarized
    • Other relevant information including parental input and private evaluation reports are discussed
    • Disability categories are discussed for consideration
    • Eligibility criteria is carefully considered and documented based on the available information
    • An eligibility determination is made based on the consensus of the committee
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  • What happens if my child is not found eligible for special education services?

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    The Special Education designee, usually the assistant principal of the school, will provide information relevant to instruction to the child's teachers or any appropriate committee, such as the Child Study Team.  

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  • What if I disagree with the eligibility decision?

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    If you disagree, you, as the parent, have the following options:
    • You may write a dissenting opinion stating your disagreement with the eligibility decision.
    • You may request an Administrative Review of the eligibility decision within 10 business days of the eligibility meeting by contacting the Supervisor of Special Education Procedural Support.
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Last Modified on January 17, 2018