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  •  The Drama Department offers four levels of Theatre and Tech-Theatre study:  


    • In Theatre I students work on improvisational skills, pantomime, vocal techniques, and acting. They get a taste of all aspects of theatre, even a little history to use as a base. The focus is to build skills, knowledge, and confidence on stage while collaborating as part of an ensemble. No Prerequisite
    • In Theatre II students go deeper into these areas, building off successes in the previous years, including more scene study and character exploration, with an emphasis on technique and characterization.  Prerequisite: Theatre 1 or audition.
    • In Theatre III students study advanced acting, playwriting, and directing. Prerequisite: Theatre II or audition.
    • In Theatre IV students cover advanced concepts in theatre.  Again, building off of expertise acquired the year before, students become directors, producers and playwrights. They choose projects on which to focus learning, creating areas of expertise. Prerequisite: Theatre III or audition. 
    • The Theatre 3 and 4 classes are taught in the same block, so a lot of the curriculum is alternated year to year.
    • Musical Theatre: Drama Projects Students go deeper into scene study and technique, but the concentration remains with musical theatre. Class is co-taught with Ms. Kauffmann and students gain skill in acting, singing and dancing. Potentially full musical productions (Class will only be offered if there is significant interest.) Prerequisite: Theatre 1 or 1 year of Choir.
    • Technical Theatre 1-4 Students learn the workings backstage including: set construction, lights, sound, publicity, costumes, make-up, administration, stage management. It is a fluid/continual process of cultivating skills and taking on leadership roles. Technically, you take Tech 2 three times, if you stay in all four years.

    All classes are hands-on and require participation from all students. As students move up through the levels, classes become more project based. Students will be graded on growth and the implementation of skills acquired in class.


    In addition, the Theatre Department produces at least three major productions per year.  These productions include a full-length play in the Fall, a one-act festival in the Winter, and usually a musical in the Spring.  Participation in a show is open to all BRHS students, regardless of enrollment in a theatre class.

    You ask: Can I skip a level, or take a class as a study hall? 
    I say: Students who show dedication or knowledge to me, in another form, will be considered for such a request. Examples: You participated in all of the productions your Freshmen year, and want to enter Theatre 2 as a sophomore, even though you did not take Theatre 1.  OR You took Theatre 1-3, and want to take 4 as your study hall senior year, so that you can take another elective.

    FRESHMEN CANNOT skip Theatre 1 or Tech Theatre 1

Last Modified on August 20, 2019