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    Laps for Liberty was a great success!
    Did you know you can pay your students' pledges with credit card online? Please click the link below to make a payment or donation to support your favorite Liberty Eagle. Don’t worry; you can make a note of the student and grade you are supporting.

    Pay your pledges here: https://squareup.com/store/libertyes-pta
    Thank you for your support!

    When:  September 20, 2018 (all day)
    Rain date: September 27, 2018
     Where:  Inside the Liberty Elementary track
    Why: To stress the importance of fitness to our students and our ONE fundraiser for the year 
     What:  students will get pledges from family and friends and then run as many laps as they can around our 1/16th of a mile track in 15 minutes, pledges may be $/lap or a flat donation, money will be due 1 week after the event (September 27)
    You will receive an envelope with the amount owed the day of the event. All money is due: Friday, September 27th, 2018. Please make checks payable to Liberty Elementary PTA.  You may also send in cash or pay by credit card at http://squareup.com/store/libertyes-pta


    Laps for Liberty Pledge Sheet Cover Letter

    Laps for Liberty Pledge Sheet

    Want to help?  Here's How!
    THURSDAY September 20th
    Marking laps ... stand on the line when students run past you make a mark on  the lap card. It's as simple as holding a pen and waiting for students to line up as they run past.
    Approx: 1-2 hours depending on shift selected
    (Shifts are specific to Grades participating)
    Tally Crew.... after classes run we have a group of volunteers counting up totaling up pledge sheets in the library with the rest of the Tally Crew for each class. This is counting laps and totals and using a calculator.
    Approx: 1 hour
    (Shifts are based on teachers class and time is after they run)
    Please consider coming in to support your Eagles as they run for their school. It's a big day and we are all excited to cheer each other on.
    Please be sure to visit and thank our sponsors: 
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    Question or concerns?  

    Please contact Jen Robinette at libptapresident@gmail.com