• Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year!

  • OUR VISION:  The vision of Harmony Middle School Counseling Department is to empower all students to become meaningful contributors to our community and the world in which they live. 

    OUR MISSION:  Harmony Middle School Counseling Department provides a comprehensive and developmental program that addresses academic, career, and personal/social needs in a safe and confidential environment for every student.   Harmony counselors collaborate with educators, parents, and the community to assist all students in becoming life-long learners.  We believe all students can be productive citizens. 


    Harmony counselors will: 

    • serve as advocates for all students to address individual, family, systemic and community needs with the belief that all students can be successful.

    • provide professional school counseling services to all students. 

    • provide a nurturing learning environment to help all students reach their highest potential and aspire to become lifelong learners. 

    • address the diversity and developmental needs of all students to ensure they receive the maximum benefit from the counseling program and school learning community.

    • collaborate with families, school staff, community members and other available resources to assist with student development.

    • use data to develop, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the counseling program in the school’s learning environment through needs assessments, pre/post test, and the Harmony Middle School improvement plan.

    • collaborate with the Harmony Administrative team to ensure that the counseling program services are meeting the needs of all students.

    • adhere to the ethical standards as set forth by the American School Counselor Association, and the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

    • participate in professional development activities to enhance cultural competency, stay abreast of current trends and other information affecting students.