• communication

     Communication is very important

    Students Please make sure you are signed up for "remind" texts or emails. Parents if you would like to be getting the reminds, please feel free to sign up as well. I usually send reminders about deadlines, quizzes... I can also send and receive text messages through Remind from you or my students.

    Advice for math improvement and/or extra help opportunities


    • Attendance – am I in class as much as possible?
    • Homework – am I doing quality effort on my homework on my own? Do I check the key online when it's provided?
      • When am I starting my homework?  With the block schedule it is suggested that you start it the night we have class and finish it the next night – this way you will know whether or not you are going to need to seek help on the “off” day
    • Seek help early.  If you know you are having trouble do not wait until class to ask questions – yes, we will go over the homework but we are also moving on to new material.


    Extra help opportunities:

    • Math Lab is available during all study hall periods in room #101 (it starts 10 minutes after the period starts and ends 10 minutes before the period ends). Students have to bring their notes and their homework and come prepared with specific questions.
    • B day mornings 8:30 am Mrs. Brkic is available in Room 105. I am normally in my room at this time but please give me a heads up beforehand to be sure I do not have a meeting.


    • NHS tutor - please request here if you would like to have one 



Last Modified on August 19, 2021