•          German Club 
                                                                      Sponsor - Dr. Lothe 
    Our Goal - The goal of the German Club is to promote the German language and culture at PFHS, as well as to pique students' interest in all things related to the German-speaking cultures. Our aim is to create a community of learners of German that goes beyond the classroom and instills curiosity in the minds of our language learners, and a love for the German language. Through the activities and events of the German club, we  are striving to get our students to communicate more effectively in German, and foster friendships among our students.
    Club Officers -
    Shi Min -                                                  President -                                                  
    Karl Ayers -                                         Co-Vice President                                         
    Claire Harris -                                      Co-Vice President                                         
    Noura Salvath -                                        Treasurer                                                       
    Amanda Sternitzke                               Co-Secretary                                                  
    Abby Beckelheimer -                            Co-Secretary                                                  
    Andreas Borgh                                         PR Officer 
    Heather Kim                                            PR Officer                                                             
    Events and Activities for 2017-2018 - 
    The German Club meets once a month for a "Kaffeeklatsch", where students can interact with each other in German while sipping hot coffee and enjoying fresh donuts, muffins, or other German treats as may be available.
    Following are the events for this academic year
    1) Oktoberfest 
    2) Gingerbread House Competition
    3)  German movie in FLEX
    4) Spielabend - German Board Games
    5) Cultural Collage Competition
    6) Dinner at Doener Bistro
    7) Abschlussfeier - Farewell Party
    If the events change, members of the German Club will be notified accordingly. 
    Venue - All events and activities for the German Club take place in Room 102. If the venue changes, we will notify you accordingly. 
             This is where you will find information about our upcoming events, fundraisers, and other German Club activities! Our officers make a terrific team and are working hard to organize fun and informative  events this year. However, your active support and participation are crucial to the success of your German Club! If you have any questions, suggestions, or recommendations for our German Club, please feel free to contact me via email at radhika.lothe@lcps.org
Last Modified on September 6, 2018