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Freedom Theatre News!!!
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2012, 2013, 2015 & 2016
The information below shows the characters in High School Musical. Please note if a student did not fill out an audition form they may have been cast, but not listed because the lack of a record on file. If any student feels as if they did not turn in an audition form they must contact Mr. Rogers as soon as possible.
Character List 
Freedom High School Cheerleaders and some dancers
Aislynn Garcia, Angela Vivaldi, Maggie Mary Finley, Jordan Posey, Sarah Werthman, Austin Taylor, Kylie Smith
Sami McGraw, Kalina Roeder, Trisha Wang, Kate Nette, Larrisa Harris, Ariana Smith, Courtney Galpin, Ashleigh Wood...
Students, Party Kids, Brainiacs and others
Marielle Singleton, Lydia Carpenter, Brooke Askew, Jaya Tuggle, Tabitha Wheeler, Idel Hussien, Lauren O'laughlin, Alex Revilla, Ayanna Evans, Alexis Diviner, Brooke Brown, Michelle Chae, Virginia Campbell, Denmark Kazajian, Sam Steadman, Sara Wolfing, Amanda Wolfing, Christina Mellott, Julia Leipertz, Miranda Smith, Ally Winkert, Luke Rahman, Jack Magarelli
                                A CAST                                                                                                                  B CAST 
The Brains 
Kratnoff                 Yousseff Metwally
Martha                   Ashley Pearce
Taylor                    Rebecca Kinard                                                                                       Hannah Kerry
Kelsi                      Alyssa Hudenburg
Gabriella                Sydney Calvelli                                                                                       Aydyn Obrien
The Thespians 
James                     Ben Donovan
Susan                      Emily Heer
Cathy                      Abby Keene
Alan                       Gio Avioli
Cindra                    Lauren Balser
Sharpay                  Ashley Nguyen                                                                                       Alyssa Hudenburg
Ryan                       Ethan Van Slyke
Jack                        Quinton Tuggle
Performance Art kids       Natasha Kasapaper, Sarah Rice, Alexis Thomas, Elizabeth Clay, Kamryn Upson
Thespians                          Noah Hickman, Peter Onyahchener
The Teachers 
Ms Darbus             Emily Sorber
Coach Bolton         Jack Doyle
Ms Tenny               Sarah Kiel
Moderator              Arianna Pettis
The Skaters 
Ripper                    Nick Hemstreet
Mongo                   Will Holt 
The All Star Athletes 
Jason                      Eric Wickham
Troy                       Duncan MacLean
Chad                      Blair Smith
Zeke                       Josh Lee
Jocks                      Dennis Asimov, Hunter Upson

Thanks to all who auditioned for HSM this week!!!!  There will be more information posted in the near future!!! Congratulations to all!
"Twelfth Night"
A CAST                                                                                                                  B CAST
The House of Orsino
ORSINO                                 Jacob Carney
CURIO                                   Emily Heer                                                           
VALENTINE                          Doria Smith                                                           Hadia Moosvi
OFFICER                               Dana Kafri                                                             Denmark Kazanjian
OFFICER 2                           Jade Garland
MAIDS                                   Arianna Smith,  Arianna Makkos,  Lily Borg
The House of Olivia
OLIVIA                                   Austin Taylor                                                        Carolani Bartell
SIR TOBY BELCH               Josh Nguyen
SIR ANDREW                      Justin Bellish
MARIA                                    Alexis Divenere                                                    Lauren Osbourne
MALVOLIO                            Noah Hickman
CLOWN                                 Ashleigh Wood                                                     Kensley Hess
FABIAN                                  Lizzie Morales                                                      Nadera Moustafa
PRIEST                                  Julia Carter                                                           Sejal Sankaran
VIOLA                                    Stephanie Celem                                                Abby Keene
SEBASTIAN                          Youssef Metwally
ANTONIO(A)                       Courtney Ring                                                      Sweekritit Dahal
TECHNICAL STAFF Brooke Harris, Samantha Rast , Jessica Hamilton, Anzhella Glasgow
Monday thru Friday for selected members of the cast from 4 till 6:30 pm. Some actors may be allowed to leave earlier (before 6) depending on what is being worked on in rehearsal. Please know students must be picked up once they are dismissed from rehearsal.   *TECH WEEK* All rehearsals go from 4 pm till 9:45pm every night. Dinner is provided to all students. Please check for possible changes in the rehearsal schedule on the call board at the school. This should be done daily. "STRIKE" The breaking down of the set will take place immediately following the last performance on Sunday. All cast and crew are required to attend "strike" to receive "thespian points".
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