• Independent Student Research (ISR)
    ISR Faculty: Mrs. Brown
    PREREQUISITE: Completion of 3 Lab Sciences in different disciplines (to be chosen from: Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics or AP Sciences)
    DESCRIPTION: This elective science course is intended for seniors interested in continuing their study through an independent project in science, engineering, mathematics or computer science. Students participating in ISR should have a significant science background prior to entering the course. ISR projects are subject to considerable peer and teacher review during all phases of development. The focus of this course is on sustained, scientific inquiry. Students are expected to take responsibility for project development, meeting timelines, collecting data, defending procedures and presenting results. Students focus on the research process, information sources and contact with scientists. Instruction is also provided on such topics as data collection and presentation, statistical interpretation of results, protocols for research, and presentation skills. All ISR students are required to participate in the process leading to possible selection for participation in the Loudoun County Regional Science & Engineering Fair (RSEF).
Last Modified on August 30, 2023