Please read our through our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.


  • When are BYOT devices used?

  • What is the purpose of BYOT?

  • Can I VPN or use 3G/4G/5G at School?

  • Is there a specific device that is recommended?

  • What accessories may be recommended for use with the device?

  • What training and information is available for students, teachers, and parents?

  • Who will provide technical support for BYOT devices?

  • How will safety and security of the devices be provided?

  • When can special device features, for example video recording, be used?

  • Are students able to print from their personally owned devices?

  • How do students charge personally owned devices during the day?

  • What policies govern the BYOT initiative?

Last Modified on October 10, 2019