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    Welcome to Educators Rising


    Formerly called Future Educators of America (FEA), Educators Rising is an organization for students who are interested in a career in an educational or human services field.




    Stop by the Educators Rising Table today (9/25) at the Club expo to pick up a lanyard and a badge holder! 

    Congratulations to Radhika Parbadia, for her 10th Place finish in Public Speaking at the 2019 Educators Rising National Conference. 
     What We Do with Freedom Members
    • Volunteer as tutors in the local elementary schools once a week (Tuesday mornings)
    • Participate in a variety of community projects
    • Attend conferences and competitions to learn more about the education professions


    2019-2020 Registration


    Registration Form



    There are still tutoring spaces at Cardinal Ridge - Sign Up today! 


    By completing the registration form and paying the dues, you are agreeing to abide by the Tutoring Contract. Placements will be made in the order in which both registration and dues have been paid.  Payments are currently closed, and if you still need to pay your dues, you will be notified via email when the payment system has been reopened for Educators Rising.  Educators Rising Dues can be paid using the  Online Payment System, or with cash or check in the main office. Dues will purchase your Educators Rising t-shirt, and lanyard for your badge.


    Contact Information for the 2019-2020 School Year

                                        President:   Meher Bhohi

                                Vice President:   


              Social Media and Records:   

            Little River Representative:   

                  Liberty Representative:   

    Hutchison Farm Representative:   

      Cardinal Ridge Representative:   



     Faculty Advisor:    Mrs. McCord  


     Educator Rising
    2018/2019 School Year Information

    We had over 225 members assigned as tutors  at Little River, Liberty, Hutchinson Farm, and Cardinal Ridge Elementary Schools.
    We had 20 members attend the LCPS Educators Rising Conference.
    We had 10 members compete in the State Competition/Conference and an additional student attend the State Conference.  Lara Arif placed 1st in the state for Job Interview, Rahdika Parbadia placed 2nd in the state for Public Speaking, and Madison Chang placed 3rd in the state for Creative Lecture. 
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