• Participation in the Freedom Symposium Blog is open to all members of the Freedom High School community. This includes students, teachers, parents and community members.
    Several guidelines will be strictly observed.
    • Connection to the discussion at hand. Comments will not be approved if they are not related to the topic introduced in the main post.

    • Moderation of comments. Every comment submitted to the blog will be moderated. This means the original poster of the blog entry will receive notification and will have to approve the comment before it appears. PLEASE NOTE that this will slow down the process. It is not likely that you will see your comment immediately after you submit it.

    • Identification. Students may not use their entire first and last names when commenting. This rule is created and enforced by Loudoun County Public Schools for student safety. Students may use first name only, first name and last initial, or an alias. Other posters may use full names, and are encouraged to do so. If you use an alias, please use the same name consistently--do not use a different alias every time you comment. Comments should never be "Anonymous." Comments signed by "Anonymous" will not be approved.

    • Civility. All discussion on this blog must be conducted in a civil and courteous manner. Personal attacks or hate speech will not be tolerated. Likewise, language that would not be allowed in a high-school classroom will not be allowed here. This is true whether the poster is a student, teacher, or community member. Within those restrictions, however, please feel free to express your opinions fully.

    • Submission of main posts. Students and teachers at Freedom High School may submit primary posts for publication. These must be sent to one of the section editors, who will then review the entry and post it if it is related to the Freedom Symposium. The writer of any main post should identify himself or herself fully--bearing in mind the restriction on student identification stated above. If you send a primary post to a section editor for publication, please identify yourself as a teacher or student.

      Please note that section editors reserve the right to approve or disapprove a main post based on its pertinence to the Freedom Symposium.
Last Modified on December 12, 2008