§7-12            Appointment, Assignment, and Transfer


                        Transfer of Licensed Employees


    A.                 Procedure


                        The procedure for transferring licensed employees is divided into three (3) rounds.  Round 1 is primarily designed to reassign any employee who will be destaffed from his/her current school due to boundary changes or the opening of new schools-both of which will affect student population at existing schools.  Round 2 follows Round 1 and is designed to fill vacant licensed positions at new and existing schools.  All eligible teachers who are involuntarily transferred may also apply for any openings posted in Round 2 and/or 3.  Teachers who were involuntarily transferred and who would not otherwise have been eligible to transfer will be eligible for transfer only to their original school in Round 2 and/or 3.



    B.                 Description of Process


    1.               During Round 1, licensed employees seeking a change of location or licensure area are invited to direct their requests to the Assistant Superintendent for Personnel Services during a set period of not less than 30 days. Employees requesting a transfer are asked to provide certain demographic information about themselves, as well as relevant work experience, and reasons for requesting a transfer.  A transfer request is not complete unless the Application, Location Request Form, and Relevant Work Experience Form are submitted in their entirety. Licensed employees may indicate in a letter to the Director of Personnel Services, their preference with regard to schools to which they would accept a transfer, in the event their position is destaffed.


    2.               When the Round 1 application period ends, principals are given information about those licensed employees who are seeking a transfer to his/her school.  The principals can choose to contact these individuals for an interview.  Principals have not less than 30 days to conduct interviews with transfer applicants, then must submit to the Assistant Superintendent for Personnel Services their record of those interviewed and the results of those interviews.













    §7-12            Appointment, Assignment, and Transfer  (continued)



    3.               At the direction of the superintendent, members of the Central Office Administration then review the information from licensed employees.  During Round 1, there will be voluntary and involuntary transfers.  Voluntary transfers refer to licensed employees who voluntarily entered the transfer process and received a transfer to a requested position and location.  Involuntary transfers refer to those transfers that are necessary, but not requested by licensed employees.



    4.               Licensed employees are subsequently notified, in writing, of any voluntary or involuntary transfer.


    §       Those given voluntary transfers are not eligible to participate in Round 2.

    §       Those given involuntary transfers are eligible to enter Round 2.

    §       Those given involuntary transfers are eligible to enter Round 3, if a position opens at his/her original school.



    5.               Round 2 begins after the completion of Round 1 and lasts not less than 75 days.  During Round 2 of the Transfer Process, all vacant licensed positions are internally posted for three (3) business days.  During those three days, any licensed employee meeting the eligibility requirements, and who has not already been voluntarily transferred can apply to the building principal/program supervisor listed on the posting. A transfer request is not complete unless the Application and Relevant Work Experience Form are submitted in their entirety.  Internal applicants applying to specific positions will be given consideration for each vacant position prior to considering external applicants.  Principals and program supervisors may choose whom to interview.  In most cases, Round 2 internal applicants will be notified of a transfer by mid-June.












    §7-12            Appointment, Assignment, and Transfer  (continued)



    6.               Round 3 begins after the completion of Round 2 and continues no later than July 31st of that calendar year.  All positions will be posted on the Transfer Website for three (3) days, then the position will be “closed” and removed from the website.  All LCPS licensed employees who are eligible may apply for a posted position in Round 3.  These positions may be filled by either an internal or external candidate.  Principals may choose whom to interview.  Positions filled after July 31st will be filled by outside candidates on end-of-year contracts.  These positions will then be posted in Round 2 of the next year’s process.


    C.                 Eligibility


    1.       All licensed employees are eligible to enter the Transfer Process, except those holding an “end of year” contract; those who are .4 FTE or less; or those employees who are employed with a Work Agreement through Visiting International Faculty (VIF), the Fulbright Organization or similar temporary placements.  Individuals in these categories are notified of ineligibility.


    2.       A previous destaffing does not prevent an employee from subsequent destaffing; however, all such actions since the 2000-01 school year will be considered.


    3.       Most licensed employees will be allowed to voluntarily transfer no more than one (1) time in any given contract year.


    4.       Licensed employees who are involuntarily transferred from a school in Round 1, will be allowed to apply for a transfer back to a position at their original school during Round 2 and/or 3, even if they accepted a voluntary transfer during Round 2.  This would essentially constitute two (2) voluntary transfers for those individuals.




    Issued:  9/9/03

    Current Revision: 10/3/05, 11/14/06



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