My name is Mr. Tim Lukachik or as most students call me Mr. Luke. I earned my Bachelor's Degree at Arizona State University. My graduate credits came from several schools including Bloomsburg State, University of Virginia, and George Mason. My field of expertise is science and math. I have had the pleasure of teaching school in several different states. My experience in teaching includes grades 2 - 12 and junior college.   I have taught math at Eagle Ridge for four years and physical science the past three years. I also taught physical science at Sterling Middle School for eight years. My class schedule is the following:
    1A - CT & Planning
    2A - 8th grade Physical Science
    3A - 8th grade Physical Science
    4A - 8th grade Physical Science
    5B - 8th grade Physical Science
    6B - 8th grade Physical Science
    7B - 8th grade Physical Science
    8B - Team & Planning