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2 ways to order your yearbook starting August 1st!   
1. To use a credit card to order your yearbook online go to
2. Call 1-866-287-3096 to order with a credit card over the phone.  Know the package you want to purchase, and use order number 13562.


Please include your first and last name, your child's first and last name, and your child's grade. Thank you.


Yearbook Selection Instructions

Go to
Click on Senior Portraits
Enter their personal access code
They will need to create an account or log in
Then Click on the Tux or Drape with the blue background
Scroll down to Yearbook Selection
Enter the information – name – school
Click on review and click on Confirm this image is on a blue background
Click add to cart
Go to the upper right hand corner – Shopping Cart (to be sure your yearbook selection has been entered)
Click Check Out and follow the prompts
You will receive a five digit code once the yearbook selection has been entered.

Outside PhotographersSenior Picture Form
If students use outside photographers there will be a $50 processing fee payable to Dominion High School. In order for the picture to be eligible for use in the senior section of the yearbook there are a few requirements.

1. It must be 640x800 at a minimum of 300 dpi
   -anything less will not be processed 
2. The picture must have a blue background to closely resemble that used with the school   
3. It must be a drape or tux picture 
4. It must be emailed to Mr. Schwartz with the subject line: Senior Picture- Student Name
    (i.e. Senior Picture- Jane Smith)
5. Payment and photograph must be turned in to Mr. Schwartz no later than
     Friday, October 14th
6. Please turn in the attached form in an envelope with payment 
Any questions please email Mr. Schwartz at