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    Registration Frequently Asked Questions


    1. How do I know what school I am zoned to attend?

          Check the Loudoun Attendance Boundary E-Listing here, or contact the Planning Department at 571-252-1050.


    1. I want to attend a school that is outside my attendance boundary or transfer to an under-enrolled school.  What do I need to do?
    You may request Special Permission through the Department of Pupil Services.  Click special permission for more information.
    1. What if I live with a friend or a relative and do not have a rental agreement?

          Your friend or relative must prove residency, and you must both complete and return the signed and notarized "Shared Housing Documentation" form.


    1. I am moving into Loudoun County and want my child to attend school now rather than wait until I have actually moved. What do I need to do?

          If you are not currently a resident of Loudoun County, you may apply to enroll your child as a tuition-paying student. 


    1. I own a home and pay taxes in Loudoun County but do not live in Loudoun County. Can I still enroll my child in Loudoun County Public Schools?

          Unless you actually reside at the property you own in Loudoun County, your child is not entitled to a free education in Loudoun County.   You may apply to enroll

    your child as a tuition-paying student.


    1. I am moving to another neighborhood during the school year or over the summer. Can my child still stay at the school he/she has been attending?

          See School Board Policy §8-20 for detailed information.


    1. What documents do I need to register?
          See the registration link for detailed information on required documentation.
    1. What if I don’t have a birth certificate?
                In the absence of a birth certificate, an affidavit must be completed. 
    1. Where can I request a copy of a birth certificate?

                Requests for Vital Records may be obtained from various states.  The link to the Virginia site is www.vdh.virginia.gov.


    1. What if a child’s name has changed?

                Court documentation indicating the name change must be provided to the school.


    1. I am the legal guardian and have custody papers. Is that sufficient to enroll the student?
                The paperwork must be signed by a judge, and the student cannot be in Virginia for school purposes only.  Additionally, the "Request for Determination of Residency Status"
                form must be completed and forwarded to the Registrar along with the required documentation.


    1. I have sole physical and legal custody of my child.  What rights does the other “parent” have to the scholastic record?

    Unless there are court orders indicating termination of parental rights, the other parent is still entitled to access the student’s scholastic record and be kept informed of school events.


    1. I am a foster parent of a child.  What do I need in order to register him/her in school?

    Court orders and documentation from the Department of Family Services are required for foster parents to enroll students.


    1. I am being deployed with the Armed Forces and am leaving my child with a relative who lives in Loudoun County.  What do I need to do if the other parent is still stateside and has custody, too?

    The stateside parent can enroll the child in the jurisdiction where that parent lives.  If the child is living with a relative, not solely for school purposes, then the relative needs to provide a copy of the “Special Power of Attorney” executed under Title 10, United States Code, §1044b, by the custodial parent while such custodial parent is deployed outside the United States as a member of the Virginia National Guard or as a member of the United States Armed Forces.  In addition to the “Special Power of Attorney,” copies of the deployment papers will be required to show dates of deployment.  Paperwork should be submitted to the Registrar.


    1. I am a step-parent of a child. Can I register him/her for school?

    Step-parents are not eligible to enroll students in school since the step-parents’ names are not on the birth certificate.  Step-parents may be listed as contacts in the student record.


    1. I am in the process of securing custody of my (niece, nephew, neighbor’s child, etc).  What do I need to enroll this student in school?

    A student may be enrolled on a provisional basis if the individual seeking custody/guardianship has been assigned a court date for a custody/guardianship hearing.  In order to prove that a court date has been established, you need to provide a petition seeking custody or guardianship from the court intake officer and an official document indicating the date assigned for the hearing.  This information should be sent to the Registrar.


    1. I want to bring my niece/nephew from another country to attend school in the United States.   How do I obtain legal custody? 

    You must contact the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court for assistance in obtaining legal custody or guardianship.  If you have legal documents from another country, your documents must be signed by a judge - NOT a notary public. In addition, the student must not be in the United States solely for school purposes.  If that is the case you will be asked to pay tuition. 


    1. I have an appointment for a physical.  Can my child still start school?

    A physical examination within 12 months of entry for the first time to any public kindergarten or elementary school is required.  This report must be received prior to admitting the child to school.  See School Board policy §8-50 and Code of Virginia §22.1-270. 


    1. I am requesting an exemption of the immunization requirements based on medical or religious reasons.  What do I need to do?

    As specified in the Code of Virginia, any student claiming a Medical Exemption must have the “medical exemption” portion on “School Entrance Health Form,” MCH-213, completed and signed by a physician or Health Department Official.   If the “School Entrance Health Form” is not used, the licensed health professional or local health department official may write a statement saying that the physical condition of the child is such that the administration of one or more of the required immunizing agents is contraindicated and must state whether the condition is permanent or temporary.  As specified in the Code of Virginia claiming a Religious Exemption must have a “Commonwealth of Virginia Certificate of Religious Exemption” (Form CRE1) on file at the school he/she attends.  This exemption must be signed by a parent or guardian and notarized by an authorized person.


    1. I am homeless. How do I register my child?

    Contact the Office of Student Services at 571-252-1685 to facilitate enrollment in this situation.


    1. Is kindergarten mandatory?

    While kindergarten is not mandatory, it is recommended.  In Virginia, parents must ensure that a child, who has reached their fifth birthday on or before September 30 of any school year, attends school in compliance with the state compulsory attendance law as specified in §22.1-254 of the Code of Virginia.

    However, parents who believe that a child is not mentally, physically, or emotionally prepared to attend school, must notify the division superintendent in writing that they want to delay compulsory attendance until the following year if the child has not reached his sixth birthday on or before September 30th.


    1. I am requesting to home school my child.  What do I need to do?

    Contact the Pupil Services Coordinator at 571-252-1200 and complete the form.  Click home instruction for more information.


    1. My children attend a private school or are home schooled but want to take classes at a Loudoun County Public School.  What do I need to do?

    See School Board Policy §8-24 for detailed information.  You must also complete the Application for Part-Time Enrollment.


    1. If my children live with one parent three days per week and the other four days per week, where do they attend school?

    The residency of the parent who has the majority of the weekday physical custody determines the school in which the child will be enrolled.


    1. My child was previously expelled from another school.  What do I need to enroll him/her in LCPS?

    Write a request for readmission to the Superintendent of LCPS, providing information about the reasons and location of the expulsion and providing contact information for the parent/guardian.


    1. I am adopting a child from another country who has limited English skills.  What do I need to enroll him/her in LCPS?

    Complete the required registration documents, including the proof of adoption.  An English Language Assessment will be conducted to determine the appropriate placement for your child.


    1. What do I need to do if I do not want to provide my address or phone number for privacy/safety concerns? 

    To refuse the release of directory information and/or military recruiter information, parents and eligible students may submit a request in writing to the Assistant Superintendent of Pupil Services, 21000 Education Court, Ashburn, VA  20148.  For additional information, please see the Student Rights and Responsibilities Booklet concerning the release of directory or recruiter information.


                What if my questions are not answered here?


    For any registration questions not covered here please contact the Registrar at 571-252-1018.

    For information on the kindergarten instructional program or questions concerning appropriate grade level placement, go to www.lcps.org – click on Academics – click on Kindergarten. You may also contact Dr. Dianne Kinkead directly at 571-252-1380.

Last Modified on January 5, 2015