Last Name First Name Title E-mail
Alexander Josh Paraprofessional
Amiri Elahe Paraprofessional
Anch June Teacher Assistant
Anselene Kimberly Learning Specialist
Armstrong Holly Teacher, Art
Atkins Rickie Athletic Trainer
Baker Terry Teacher, Technology Education
Banks Karen Teacher, EL/Social Science
Barbara Emily Learning Specialist
Barton Sara Teacher, Social Science
Beltrane Anne Bookkeeper
Bischoff Katharine Learning Specialist
Bizot Lucia Paraprofessional
Borges Ivette Learning Specialist (CAST)
Bourassa Adam Learning Specialist
Bowers Katlyn Teacher, Marketing Education
Bradley Lisa Teacher, Math
Braxton Jamie Assistant Principal
Brent Chris Paraprofessional
Brewer John Principal
Brothers Linda Library Assistant
Brown Fiona Student Assistance Specialist
Brown Werner Head Custodian
Buckwalter Karl Teacher, Physical Education
Burns Corey Teacher, Social Science
Burns Sarah Teacher, Social Science
Burzio Catherine Transitional Assessments
Calderwood Sarah Learning Specialist
CalvoBermudez Jose Custodian
Campbell Caitlin Teacher, World Language
Carlo Sally Reading Specialist
Carter Louise Teacher, Math
Chandler Leslie Learning Specialist
Chang Jenn School Social Worker
Chauca Rita Paraprofessional
Chavez Oscar Custodian
Chuba Thomas Testing Coordinator
Coleman Kelly Teacher, English
Corbo Vinson Earth Science
Coren Susan Learning Specialist
Coupet Rosy Paraprofessional
Cox Heather Teacher, Science
Cruz Riccy Cafeteria Worker
Dale Parry Kristin Teacher, English
Davis Christi Teacher, World Language
DeLisi Jeannie Teacher, English
DeMott Anthony Teacher, Science
Dufour Sheryl Teacher, Math
Dunn Jeffrey Teacher, Social Science
Eastman Theresa Instructional Facilitator for Technology
Edgington Catherine Teacher, World Language
Eifler Anthony Teacher, CTE
Eifler Fay Technology Assistant
Elahi Amiri Paraprofessional
Elliot Ana Paraprofessional
Evans Kim Teacher, Science
Fianko Ulrike Teacher, CTE
Figueroa Esmeralda Custodian
Fillinger Isa ELL
Fogelson Kimberly Teacher, World Language
Francis Sandie Teacher Assistant, Titan Time
Freeman Shannon Teacher, Art
Gallo Bryan Behavioral Assistant
Gasser Anne Assistant Athletic Director
Gasser Virginia Paraprofessional
George Bradley Teacher, Science
Gilomen Ashley Earth Science
Glynn Shelli Teacher, English
Goff Eric Teacher, Science
Gonzalez Daniela Teacher, EL
Grinkley Germaine FLE Teacher
Guerrero Monika Assistant Principal
Gusman Sheryl Teacher, Social Science
Gustafson Sara Teacher, Physical Education
Haberman Joe Teacher, Social Science
Hamilton Tibber Paraprofessional (CAST)
Harris Fredericka Learning Specialist
Heins Amanda Teacher, Physical Education
Henderson Emory Teacher, English
Hicks Steve Teacher, Social Science
Hockersmith Wendy Reading Specialist
Holmberg Denise Speech Therapist
Huffman Edith Teacher, Math
Hughes Daisy Teacher, Math
Hunter Cynthia Paraprofessional
Hutchins Jennifer Teacher, Math
Ingalls Paola Teacher Assistant, Head Start
Issar Meenakshi Paraprofessional
Kamfwa Ndashye Teacher, Math
Kaplan Kathy Teacher, Math
Kidwell Deborah Physical Therapist
Kitchen Lorraine Behavioral Assistant
Kittelson Sara Teacher, FACS
Klasinc-Loncar Natasha Teacher, Music
Kopel Christopher Teacher, Social Science
Korn Russell Teacher, Math
Korsen Nicole Teacher, English
Kostkan Jancy Teacher, Math
Lamb Megan Teacher, French
Le Nicola Librarian
Lekbad Mahdjouba Cafeteria Worker
Lenotti Peter Teacher, Physical Education
Leone Jeffrey Learning Specialist
LeRibeus Melissa Learning Specialist
Libuit Matthew Teacher, Science
Lim HaJung Teacher, Music
Lopez Yanira Cafeteria Worker
Lowenbach Laura Librarian
Lupas Calin Teacher, Math
Lupas Meda Teacher, World Language
MacBeth Tim Safety and Security Specialist
Magill TJ Secretary
Malan Patricia Teacher, Physical Education
Mallory Michelle Learning Specialist
Mann Louise Teacher, English
Marnell Julia Teacher, Social Science
Maslyn Floriana Teacher, World Language
Mattos Ana Teacher Assistant, Titan Time
McCasland Margaret Custodian
McDermott Kathy Teacher, World Language
McDonald Kim Teacher, English
Medina Flavia Custodian
Mejia Maria Custodian
Menickelly Molly Teacher, English
Mielach Claudia Occupational Therapist
Miller Denyelle Job Coach
Misurova Maria Paraprofessional
Montero Jessy Paraprofessional
Murphy Elena Teacher, Art
Nguyen My-Van Teacher, Chorus
Northart Laura School Counselor
Nunez-Morel Larissa Teacher, World Language, EL
Ochoa Jose Custodian
Ojeda Carmela Custodian
Olinares Erica School Counselor
Orellana Viviana Career Center Specialist
Owens Briana Teacher, Marketing Education
Padgiotis Ileana Teacher, Science
Patel Amanda School Counselor
Perez Abigail Nurse
Peters Dwayne Athletic Director
Phillips Michelle Teacher, English
Picado Raquel School Counseling Secretary
Pino Patricia Main Office Secretary
Plys Kathryn Parent Liasion
Portillo Edith Custodian
Ramirez Catherine Head Start
Ramirez Kelsey School Psychologist
Reyes Blanca Custodian
Richards Kevin Teacher, Math
Rinder Karrie Teacher, English
Rodgers Jennifer Teacher, Social Science
Rodriguez Gudiel Tesla Karina Custodian
Runge Janice Teacher, Science
Russell Scott Teacher, Business Education
Sadr Sediqa Cafeteria Worker
Schiffler Jonathan Teacher, Music
Schwartz Mitchell Teacher, English
Scipioni Deborah Technology Assistant
Secrest Amy Teacher, English
Segal Kristen Psychologist
Shea Kevin Teacher, Physical Education
Signorelli Jon Assistant Principal
Sims Jazmin Paraprofessional
Sinclair Patricia Teacher, EL
Siska Rachel Learning Specialist
Siu Tiffany Teacher, Math
Smith Jaclyn Director of School Counseling
Smith Kevin Teacher, Social Science
Snyder David Teacher, Social Science
Sokol Cynthia Teacher, Math
Sowwan-Khabbaz Fida Learning Specialist
Staton Shanda Teacher, World Language
Stephenson Karin Teacher Assistant
Stetson Mary Learning Specialist
Stupi Katherin Teacher, ELL
Taylor Tammy Probation Officer
Throckmorton Kevin Teacher, Social Science
Tolbert Amber Teacher, Social Science
Traenkle Sheila Teacher, Transition
Tucker Teresa Teacher, Science
Vall Regina Learning Specialist
Vasquez Juan Behavioral Specialist
Ventura Katherin Teacher, EL
Vess Matthew School Resource Officer
Weaver Faye Teacher, Physical Education
Weiss Lisa Teacher, EL
West Kevin In-School Restriction Teacher
Wills Rosette Teacher Assistant, Headstart
Wilson Katie Teacher, English
Wingfield Denise Teacher, Science
Wolfe Judy Teacher, World Language
Wood Tracy School Counselor
Woolley Lara Teacher, World Language
Worth Kim Teacher, English
Wortman Robin Teacher, FACS
Wyche Cristina Secretary
Yacoub Heba Cafeteria Manager
Yang Yeojin Teacher, EL
Yim Eugenie Teacher, EL