• LCPS Policies and Regulations

     4010  Tuition Fees
     4020  Student Fees and Charges
     4020-REG  Student Fees and Charges - REGULATION
     4030  Non-Locally Funded Programs - Grants
     4030-REG  Non-Locally Funded Programs-Grants and Donations - REGULATION
     Custody and Disbursement of Loudoun County Public School Funds
     4115  School Activity Funds
     4120  Management of Funds
    4120-REG  Management of Funds - REGULATION
     4125  Cash in School Buildings
     4130  Annual Operating Budget
     4130-REG  Annual Operating Budget - REGULATION
     4135  Reporting Per Pupil Costs
     4145  Petty Cash Funds
     4150  Financial Accounting and Reporting
     4150-REG  Financial Accounting and Reporting - REGULATION
     4155  Expense Reimbursements
     4155-REG  Expense Reimbursements - REGULATION
     4160  Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Unspent Funds
     4165  Procedures for Reporting and Investigating Fraud and Embezzlement and Fiscal Dishonesty
     4170  Insurance Management
     4175  Fund Balance
     4175-REG  Fund Balance - REGULATION
     4210  Inventory and Reporting of Loss or Damage
     4310  Purchasing Authority
     4320  Methods of Procurement
     4330  Remedies in Bids and Awards
     4340  Purchasing Procedures
     Contract Terms and Conditions - REGULATION
     4350  Vendor Relations
     Small, Women-Owned, Minority-Owned, and Service-Disabled Veteran-     Owned  Businesses
     4370  School Board Contract Approval
Last Modified on December 19, 2022