• LCPS Policies and Regulations



     Legal Status, Authority, Powers and Duties


     Qualifications of School Board Members
     2120  Election, Term of Office, and Vacancy in Office
     2130  Oath of Office
     2140  Orientation and Professional Development for Board Members
     2150  Compensation
     2160  Conflict of Interest
     2210  Annual Meeting and Election, Regular and Other Meetings
     2220  Clerk
     2230  Counsel
     2310  Committees of the School Board
     2320  School Health Advisory Board
     2350  Appeal of Administrative Decisions
     2420  Meeting Procedures
     2430  School Board Agenda
     2440  Order of Business, Quorum, Rules, Voting
     2450  Board Minutes
     2510  Community Communications and Community Involvement
    2510-REG  Distribution of Electronic Flyers Through the PeachJar System
     2520  Participation by the Public
     2530  Board-Staff Communication
     2540  Policy Manual
     2570  Petition for Court Review
     2610  Loudoun County School Board Staff Aides
     2620  Recognition of Student and Staff Accomplishments by the School Board 
Last Modified on May 23, 2024