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     ******************Professional Biography:

     WHS Amy McDowell
    • Bachelors: University of Houston
    • MCSE: Southern Methodist University

    Howdy! I am from Texas. I moved to Virginia in 1999. My family enjoys living in Lovettsville, and enjoying the surrounding mountains. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and a minor in Education from the University of Houston.

    I have been teaching math for 26 years (in both TX and VA). I love being here at Woodgrove. I am VERY excited to be teaching YOUR Wolverine. I am teaching Functions and Pre Calculus this year.

    I arrive at approximately 8:15 AM; so, feel free to make an appointment for extra help before school or you can access math help during your study hall by writing a pass to L 516 the Math Learning Lab. You can also go to L 514 the Testing Lab to make up a test/quiz during your study hall.

      2018.2019 Class Schedule


    Block Course************************************
    2  Func Algebra & Data
    4  Precalculus
    5  Func Algebra & Data
    7  Precalculus
    8  Func Algebra & Data
       Email: Amy.McDowell@lcps.org
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