• Welcome to Second Grade!
     Hello, I'm Ms. Thompson and I've taught at Pinebrook since its opening days, 15 years ago.
    It's been an interesting roller coaster ride! I've had the privilege to teach Kindergarten through third grade
    in Loudoun County and will be working with 2nd graders for the 2019-2020 school year. 
    My teaching license is current for the state of Virginia, Nursery-Kindergarten through 4th grade (NK-4).
    I carry 30 graduate credits for Reading Specialist,
    as well as numerous professional development credits gained over the years.
    I hail from Winchester, Virginia and hold a BS History degree
    with an elementary education endorsement from Shenandoah University. 
    My background in public school teaching also includes Winchester City Schools, Virginia.
    I taught in the private sector before teaching in public schools.
    On a more personal note,  I'm married to my best friend, Bob Thompson. 
     We share a home with two mischievous cats, Tommyboy and Marley and love them dearly. 
    They rule over us and we are their pets! 
    Our favorite pass time is getting away to the mountains in the summer. 
    We enjoy spending time with our grown children and our teenaged granddaughter. 
    I love country cooking and belong to a group of great cooks from the Appalachian region,
    incorporating about 13 states. This vast range includes all kinds of people groups
    where the main connection is that we all tend to grow our own foods
    or buy locally. There's nothing better than social occasions that include
    pot-luck dinners, fire-hall fundraisers and harvest festivals. 
    Lastly, I've always loved singing and music. It's not unusual for me to simply sing what I'm thinking at the time. 
    My kiddos in the classroom get a lot of this.  We also have regular dance breaks, sometimes before a test and right after. It certainly makes a stressful situation more calming and life goes on happily ever after.  Oh, did I just write a book?  
    Maybe it's a start to one.  Who knows? 
    My class of kiddos will be reading up a storm this year and 
    writing to match their reading along with all the other things we do. 
    Here's to a great year ahead! 
    Mrs. Thompson, RM #22
    (Ms. T)
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