We are so excited for an Awesome year in PE!!

    ******LEGACY RUNNING CLUB******

    The Legacy Running Club provides an opportunity for all children, grades 1 to 5, to walk/run for fitness on the mornings they choose to participate.  The Running Club will be held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:30-7:50 a.m.


    Running club starts on Tuesday, October 16th and ends on Thursday, November 15th.



    Students will NOT be dropped off before school hours. When students arrive to school, they will head to the Gym hallway for Running Club. We will be having running club out on the track. Students will need to meet in the Gym hallway by 7:40. All students will be taken back to class to begin the school day at 7:50.


    Tuesday- Running Club for Grades 1-2

    Thursday- Running Club for Grades 3-5


    If you have any questions please feel free to contact Catherine.monsalve@lcps.orgmaeve.deeney@lcps.org, or nick.oakley@lcps.org

    Legacy PE Team
    Mrs.Deeney, Mr.Oakley, and Mrs.Monsalve       




    B-be ready
    A-act responsibly
    R-respect everyone
    K-kindness counts 
    Following these simple rules will allow each class to run smoothly.
    There may be times during the year when a student will have limitations due to an injury or illness. Students must have a note written by the parent to be excused from PE The note is good for a week. Any child who needs to be excused longer than a week will need a note from their physician. This is a Loudoun County policy.  Any child excused from PE will not be allowed to participate in recess.  We may be able to restrict activities that may aggravate an injury and yet still have the child participate at some level.
    The clothes your child wears to PE can help them be successful.  Loose fitting pants/shorts may help when performing running activities. Girls may want to wear shorts under their dresses for PE.  Please, no sandals, boots, crocs, or high heeled shoes.