Every student at Horizon Elementary School has a scheduled library time. Students are not limited to visiting the library on the day their class is scheduled for a lesson/check-out.  They may return and check-out books any day with permission given by the classroom teacher. 
    Students in grade K may check a maximum of one book.
    Students in grade 1 may check out a maximum of two books.
    Students in grades 2 and 3 may check out a maximum of three books.
    Students in grade 4 may check out a maximum of four books.
    Students in grade 5 may check out a maximum of five books.

    Student circulation is for two weeks.  Materials may be renewed unless other students have requested the same book.

    All students may visit the library independently to return and checkout books.  This may be done before school and during school hours.  Students may sometimes exceed the maximum number of materials with the permission of the library media specialist.

    Overdue notices will be printed and distributed on a regular basis.  These notices are distributed by the classroom teacher.  When materials are long overdue, the library media specialist will contact the parents or guardians of the student.

    If materials are lost or damaged beyond repair, charges will be sent to the parents or guardians of the student.  Students are expected to treat library materials with care.