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    Mrs. Peterson holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ladycliff College, Highland Falls, New York and is certified to teach Preschool - Grade 8.  She completed her practicum for endorsement in the teaching of the Gifted through the University of Virginia.  Mrs. Peterson became the SEARCH teacher at Hillside Elementary in 2006.  She came to Algonkian in 2010 as an itinerant SEARCH teacher.  This year she is excited to be here full time as Algonkian participates in the pilot of the new FUTURA program.  Mrs. Peterson will work closely with Mrs. Jennifer Moore to enrich the reading and math lessons in that fourth grade class, and to teach the new Leadership module for the FUTURA students.  Mrs. Peterson will hold EDGE groups for certain students in Grades 1,2, and 3, and will provide SEARCH lessons in Kindergarten, first, second, and third grades.  She attended the James Madison Content Teaching Academy: Reaching High Level Learners in 2007.  She loves the opportunity to challenge our students to use their BRAINPOWER!
    Mrs. Peterson has a special interest in history.  She has participated in two Mount Vernon Summer seminars, "Slavery at Mount Vernon" and "George Washington, Gentleman Scholar" and was selected as a Stratford-Monticello Scholar in 2003, studying the leaders of the American Revolution.  She has attended several seminars at the Library of Congress to discover ways to incorporate their resources in learning experiences.  She spent a week during the summer of 2013 exploring Virginia history through the Virginia History Museum and the University of Richmond.  It was exciting to actually get to touch items from their amazing collection of artifacts.
    Mrs. Peterson was proud to be part of the STEAM Committee at Hillside as they created the Hawktastic MakerSpace, introduced the Invention Expo, and initiated several hands-on explorations of science and math concepts.  She believes children should explore and investigate as they learn.  A math based STEAM class at George Mason University inspired her to create more interdisciplinary lessons connecting science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.    Mrs. Peterson brought the Invention Expo to Algonkian in 2013.  This night of STEAM exploration has become a "can't miss" event for Algonkian students and their families.  Mrs. Peterson attended the 2018 James Madison Content Teaching Academy in 2018 to study STEM learning for Grades 3 - 5.  She is excited to bring new ideas to her classes and to the Expo every year.
    Mrs. Peterson was the recipient of the Apple Impact Grant from the Loudoun Education Foundation in 2018.  This amazing funding provided the resources for two new SEARCH lessons for Grades 3 and  4 - Snap Circuits and K'Nex Bridge Building.  Students were engaged and focused as they worked with partners to create electrical circuits and to build bridges to help the Three Billy Goats get to the other side. 
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