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    Welcome to Countryside's English Learners (EL) website. In this website you will find information about the EL program at Countryside Elementary, as well as the district eligibility and program guidelines. Also included in this website is information for adults who wish to learn English.
    We work together to support students as they develop English language skills and to provide assistance so they can succeed in academic and social settings.   


    If you have any questions or concerns about the EL program at Countryside Elementary, please call us at (571) 434-3250. 
    More information on EL is available from LCPS EL Office on their website or via phone at (571) 252-1390.
    LCPS ELL Guidelines



    EL Eligibility

    Eligibility for the EL program is based on information on the initial school registration form. Any indication that English is a second language requires that the student be tested for English fluency. A standardized test, the Idea Proficiency Test (IPT), is then given to determine the level of English language proficiency. If a student is eligible to receive EL services, an appropriate program of instruction will be designed for him/her. This may include pull-out into the EL classroom for instruction and/or support from the EL staff in the regular classroom.


    Student progress is evaluated in the spring of every year using the World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) ACCESS for English Learners assessment.  The ACCESS assesses students' proficiency  in social language, as well as the language of science, social studies, mathematics, and language arts.


    Students receive EL support until they are able to demonstrate a level of English proficiency that allows them to work successfully in the regular classroom. It is important to note that while verbal proficiency may be acquired rapidly, proficiency in academic subjects may take seven to ten years.


    EL Program Completion

    When students achieve Level 6 status on the WIDA ACCESS by demonstrating a high degree of fluency and accuracy when speaking, reading a wide range of texts, and writing fluently with minimal errors, they are considered proficient and able to succeed without further EL services.




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Last Modified on May 24, 2021