Briar Woods High School Library
    Frequently Asked Questions


    Library Staff

    Mr. Thompson, Librarian

    Mrs. Vaillancourt, Librarian

    Mrs. Bonifant, Library Secretary


    When may may students come to the Library?

    • We're Open:
      • 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Thursday
      • 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Friday
    • Students are welcome whenever a librarian is present and the library doors are open.
    • Before school
    • After school
    • Between classes
    • During lunch (with a library lunch pass)
    • With a class
    • With a pass from any teacher
    • During Study Hall (with a library issued Study Hall pass)
    Who may check out materials?
    • LCPS students
    • Faculty
    • Staff
    Briar Woods students may borrow from other Loudoun County Public Schools using InterLibrary Loan (ILL). We also encourage students to borrow materials from the Loudoun County Public Library. Library Card Registration Forms are available in the BWHS library.


    How do I borrow materials?

    • Simply provide your student or employee ID number at the Circulation Desk


    How many items may I check out at a time?

    • There is not a number limit (within reason)

    At Briar Woods you may check out as many as you want or need. At certain times, however, the number of materials you may check out on a subject may be limited so that all students may have access. Also, we reserve the right to limit circulation to patrons with excessively overdue materials.

     How long may I keep library materials?

    Books --- 21 days

    Reference --- Overnight

    Periodicals --- 7 days

    Media --- 14 days 
    Returning patrons are welcome to check out materials for use over summer break.



    May I get library materials from other schools?

    • Yes.
    It usually takes about two to three school days for the item(s) to arrive at Briar Woods. Any renewals of the borrowed InterLibrary items must be approved by the lending school library.  Just ask a librarian.



    May I renew materials?

    • Yes.
    There are no limitations on renewals as long as other patrons have not requested the item. Renewals of materials from other schools need to be approved by the lending school library.

    May I reserve materials?

    • Yes

    If an item you need or want is checked out, you may reserve it at the Circulation Desk.




    May I check out Audio-visual materials?

    • Sure
    Students may check out audiovisual materials.  We have lots of DVDs, Audiobooks, CDs, etc..


    Is there anything I may not check out?

    • Equipment
    • Textbooks
    • Calculators

     These items are for use in the library only. 



    Is there a copy machine in the library?

    • There is a black white copier for students to use. Just ask a librarian for assistance.
    Color copies can be made by using the scanner, and then printing the document to our color printer. Printing directly to our B&W or color printer is free, as long as the work is school related.
    Is there a scanner in the library?
    • Yes.

    The copy machine has a built in scanner.


    May I use the computers in the BWHS library?
    • Yes.
    Computers and printers are available for school assignments. There are 14 desktop computers connected to the LAN (local area network) and the Internet.  Two additional carts of laptops are also available for in library uses.
    May I use the printers in the BWHS library?
    • Yes
    Students may print their assignments in black and white or color, as required by their teachers.
    What are the databases I can use through the library?
    LCPS subscribes to many online research subscription databases including:
    Britannica Online, EBSCO databases, World Book Online, e-Library, Gale databases, ScholasticGo, InfoTrac, Issues & Controversies, Pop Culture Universe, World Book Online, and many more.
    How do I get to the subscription databases?
    • Use LCPS Go, and click on "Library Resources"
    • Go to the top of this page.
    • Click the Online Database Resources link on left side
    Where can I find the passwords?
    • If you access the databases using LCPS Go no additional passwords are needed.

    How do I locate things in the library?
    • Your library staff will be happy to help you.
    • Use the two stand alone IPACs (Internet Public Access Catalogs) in the library OR
    • Go to the top of this page and click on the BWHS Library Catalog link on the left side.
    The materials in the BWHS library are organized according to the Dewey Decimal system. This is the same system that is used in the Loudoun County Public Library. The call number found through the catalog is the "address" of the material in the library. Non-Fiction, which includes our Reference section, is arranged by a number system where items are grouped by subject. Our Fiction has the letter "F" and is organized by the last name of the author. Signs in the library indicate the location of these collections. We also have Biography, Story Collection, "E" for our Pre-school students, and a Professional Collection for educators. In addition to our print, video, and audio collections, we have hundreds of eBooks available through MackinVIA.



    Are there Fees/Fines?
    • Nope
    No late fees are assessed for overdue materials, but patrons are required to pay for lost or damaged items.


    May I eat and drink in the library?
    • No
    Students and staff may not eat in the library. Water bottles are permitted; sodas, coffee, and other beverages aren't allowed. A water fountain is available near the copy machine. This policy is enforced to prevent damage to materials, protect patrons from possibly severe allergic reactions, and to avoid the attraction of rodents and insects.


    What if I don’t return materials by the end of the year?

    • You will receive a deficiency
    Deficiencies for lost or damaged books are written at the end of each school year. Students must clear their deficiencies before lockers and textbooks are issued the following school year. All deficiencies must be cleared before graduation.
    Did you know ?
    The library has
    • graphic novels.
    • games and puzzles for students (just ask a librarian).
    • A collection of books that may be borrowed without checking them out.
    • Librarians eager to help students with all of their needs.
    • A Reading Specialist who sponsors a Book Club, and the Battle of the Books team.
    Please feel free to contact your librarians via email.
Last Modified on January 4, 2019