•  pencil    The name FUTURA is an original acronym that means: Facilitating Understanding Through Utilizing Real-life Application.  The FUTURA program still uses research in processing skills and in creating products.  However, the key to the program is developing the student's intellect by creating a stimulating classroom environment focusing on higher level thinking skills activities.
         pickThe FUTURA program seeks to enhance and to develop the intellect of fourth and fifth grade students who have been formally identified as generally intellectually gifted.  Students attend the FUTURA center one day a week and are immersed in lessons that correlate the themes Structures and Systems to the Virginia Standards of Learning objectives for the core content areas.  FUTURA teachers stress complex level thinking skills that stimulate curosity, provide oppportunities for questioning, thinking and being creative. 
        eye Students are formally evaluated twice a year on their observed learning behaviors and characteristics in the FUTURA classroom.  The assessed areas are: Thinker, Reflector, Connector, and Worker.