2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR!


                                   (fill in date) AFTER SCHOOL



    2:45-3:45 In The Library



    I give permission for my child ___________________to stay after school and participate in the Chess Club for 2018-2019 on                          .(fill in date)


    Transportation  -

    My child will leave for home no later than 3:45 by :

    (picked up by, walker/etc)



    _______________    ________________   

    Child’s Name           Child's Teacher 

    ________________  ________________ 
    Parent’s Signature       Parent Phone Number


    All interested students MUST have a separate permission slip for EACH meeting to stay after school. 

    Permission slips MUST be returned by (                      ) (fill in date) to attend. 


    Please contact Ms. Ryan if you have any questions, 571-434-3242